Challenges with Covid 19

Monday, April 6, 2020

Right now we are facing the biggest challenge that America has faced ever in this century. It equals the Vietnam War and Korean War. It will slowly rise up to the World War II level of challenge by the sheer numbers of casualties. American casualties was 418,000 people. If the U.S. government figure for potential fatalities of Covid 19 are true, it will be somewhere close to over 100,000 casualties. The numbers are staggering. However, the death rate is extremely high, and the fear that generated across this proud nation is crippling our soul and economy.

Now is the time to reflect and be courageous. The challenges that we are facing is as follows. We need to be kind to each other. We need to volunteer more. We need to rebuild the stocks in America. We need to get back to work to build up the essential and non essential industry and stop giving the labors to other third world countries to prop up the communism and fund the fundamentalism which will come back and bite us in the long run. Look how China and Pakistan are treating the U.S.A. They are calling us an enemy when we fed them the technology to build our iPhones, IBM and Lithium Ion batteries and gave them all of the technological knowledge. We don’t make anything close to what we use and need in time of crisis. Do not wait until the crisis gets us.

What we have been doing is to rely on the industrial hunger and poverty of Chinese people to make money but give away all of the essential labor intensive works such as textile industry, heavy metal industry, automotive parts industry, high tech industry, computer industry, printing industry, shipping industry, and food industry. Our imports from China amounts to almost everything that we use. Even the most mundane things as N95 masks are not manufactured here. Almost all of the employment in the U.S.A. are useless service sectors. Banking, fast food, delivery, hotel management, house cleaning, dog sitting, professional students, government workers, nursing home attendants, toll booth operators, Uber and Lyft drivers, Census workers, etc, etc. The majority of the workforce in the U.S.A. had deviated from the manufacturing and solid factory workers to service industry. Now we are paying the price. The experts in key industries and the skilled workers are long gone and what we have left are mostly service industry people who are used to easy 8 hours of work leaving no useful products other than lip service and computer trails. We are cyber trash collectors and over consumers. What we are and become are the shadows of the former industrial giants.

We remember fondly people like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Wrights’ Brothers as the iconic heroes but we never wanted to follow their footsteps of hard work and repeated attempts to succeed. We became complacent and generally useless. Now with Covid-19 litmus test, we are finding out that from the top dogs down to the very bottom of the society, we became useless, overweight whiners.

Our challenge are now up front of our face. We must face the music or we will die like Roman Empire and Mongols. We will face the requiem of death sooner than later. We must mobilize our young and old to start volunteering to promote industrialization, bring back the manufacturing jobs, make essential products at home. Do not give money to corporations to subsidize the other countries and get a tax break for moving their manufacturing to China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Cambodia and Vietnam. We must stand firm and start building the national network of Electrical Bullet train system. We know now that Airline industries are fragile. Our polluting aging jet planes are and shall be grounded. The jet fuel consumption and air quality are poor. The danger imposed by poorly trained pilots and aging airplanes and lack of interest from the public to fly in a cattle cart in the air will create demise. The cruise ship industry will die. Our aging train tracks and old fossil fuel consuming train system should be abolished. We need electrified bullet train system for national mobilization. This means construction of massive scale. Almost all youths who have no real job should be trained to build the national net work of bullet train and electrical grid system with renewable energy source. We must use all of the solar power and wind energy. We should use the maximal power from the sun to power our national bullet train system and teach Canada and Mexico to use the same system and eventually connect the Central America, South America and Alaska and Canada to be on the same system so that we can travel to Argentina with one ticket.

We should learn from Japan Railroad system so that we can have private entity work closely with the government’s foresight and planning commission to create a network of flawless bullet train system with exact standard to minimize any derailment, unnecessary train collisions and cross traffic crossings and connect all major and minor cities with bullet train system. The cost will be phenomenal but the payout will be miraculous. We should start it today and not wait for tomorrow. We need to get off of the concrete hell and perpetual money sucking and money pit highway system and polluting airline system. We should embrace our challenges and renew our pride as a nation and become the international leader and stop the financial support to communist and Jihadist.



April 3, 2020

I am seeing the America as I have never seen it before. The COVID 19 Pandemic crisis is unfolding as I write this. The daily death toll is rising as never before seen in this lifetime. The fledgling federal government without a leader with some semblance of thoughtfulness and preparedness and intelligence and bare, naked ambition of trying to achieve their own ends by the politicians in Washington, D.C., the bastion of naked ambition lead me to believe that for the first time I see what it means to live in a dying empire.

The Roman Empire was killed by its own unashamed Senators of displaying the kind of unchecked, naked and selfish ambition. Look at what’s happening to the leaders of the two parties who have shown no sense of morality or patriotism. Only pure unadulterated selfish decision making based on shameless ambition to get ahead of others, selling stocks based on the inside tip as a part of National Intelligence Committee, the Senate Majority Leader sitting on 200 plus bills and only concentrating nominating judges with questionable moral and ethics. From the top down, the dying American Empire is crumbling.

This country was the last bastion of morality and ethics. Actually when such as evil communism philosophy was rearing its head cloaked in nationalism, only the American moral idealism prevailed to curtail the tens of millions of world wide massacres. American idealism based on true beliefs in sanity of human lives and democracy triumphed over the naked ambition of Hitler and his cronies. The international crisis were prevented over and over again with the well-prepared, coordinated efforts led by intelligent U.S. government and its leadership time and time again with effective confrontations of evil in fight against North Korean communism during 1950 to 1953 Korean War, saving millions of South Korean lives.

Now with the virus that knows no boundaries or borders, the pure evil naked ambition displayed wantonly by our leaders are paying its heaviest toll on American lives. Ultimately the Republic based on morality and ethics must look at the face of the enemy squarely and accept the challenges that lie ahead. We must be intelligent and honest. The naked and blind ambition is our enemy No. 1. We need to start a renewed call for patriotism and destroy the selfish ambition shown daily. When the ambition in its purest form is all good and is a wonderful fuel to individual’s rise from poverty, ignorance and mechanism to better oneself turn into a fuel for evil selfishness and used in its mercilessly unchecked fashion now seen in our country, we must chop it off at its roots like Medussa’s demise. The selfish ambition, the naked ambition displayed by many should be a warning to use all that the end of Empire and beginning of third world in every way should be reversed by the band of patriotic leaders. We must educate ourselves and work in transparent democracy to vote, write and read into the future where the leaders that we choose are truly philosophers, intelligent leaders who can take the blame and work them out.

We need to remind ourselves to read the history, put our youths to serve others, teach them to read and think and ponder, participate and value the true core beliefs in ethics and morality. We cannot teach, we must act and behave. We need to say that ambition should be checked, and rechecked so that the fuel for success is used for good and not evil. Cut the heads of Medussa and navigate this big ship away from the disaster. We cannot sink this great nation. We must bring hope. Only way that we can avert the Titanic ending of this great nation is by each of us carrying onward the mission of selfless act, moral and ethical way dealing with our own ambition to get ahead. We must unite to rebuild this country from the ground up. We must shift our ambition away from hoarding money and power to benevolent giving. Giving ourselves to the ideals of this Republic. The Government must be for the people not for the few politicians. Do not sell this last bastion of democracy to the few money grabbers. Vote them out early November. We must charter the course upright and do the right thing before this ship sinks further in the icy future of no return.

Future World Imagined Series by MyBelief 2017

FeaturedFuture World Imagined Series by MyBelief 2017

The World of Future Imagined and Hopefully Will Be One Day: Medicine

3/10 Medicine

The future of medicine and how the patients are treated will be very different than what is normal. Now in 2019 when you need to see a doctor, you have to call and make an appointment. If you are well-insured and have a family physician that you already know and have been seeing the doctor in the past, you will get an appointment and will be seen. Depending on where you live, your access to the medical help for non-urgent matters will be addressed pretty quickly. However, if you are not well-insured, having to pay cash, and do not have a regular physician, it becomes a little more complicated. Usually for those people who are not familiar with the medical delivery system in the U.S., and never had to face the routine check-up or had to see a doctor for any reason, the new problem that comes up can be difficult to treat. There are many doctors in big cities and the available physicians are plentiful. However, once you start calling for the doctor’s office, it can be frustrating. The appointment on the same day is hard to fathom, and the new patient’s forms and insurance information that you have to give out as well as the expensive co-pay, deductibles are all quite scary to think about. Once you go to see a new doctor and afterwards you will have to get some tests done, it is also a hassle to go see another type of medical facility, usually a laboratory for a blood draw unless your family doctors have a station to draw the blood, x-rays, CT scan, MRI, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy. Each of these items that you need, you have to make an appointment or wait after you walk in. The time that takes you to get all of the tests done, go back to the doctor’s office in a few days or weeks and finally get a diagnosis, it could take weeks. Finally you go to the local pharmacy, sometimes they are out of the medications that the Doctor has prescribed to you, many times the copay and deductibles for the price of several medications can be also prohibitively high.

In the future the medicine will be almost always via Internet. You will not have to travel outside of your house to get a personal physician to answer your call. You will not have one particular assigned physician. You will get any and all specialists and internists and family physicians that are available to take your Skype or FaceTime and make a preliminary diagnosis by asking you a comprehensive questions pertaining to your history. After the working diagnosis is established, the vital signs and ultrasound exams will be performed by your phone. The phone will have an accessory item that you can put your finger in it and within a second or so it will transmit the following information to your physician who is looking at you while you are performing a simple task for the initial set of diagnostic information gathering. The finger inserted into a small port will be connected to your phone will immediately report to a doctor the heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, hemoglobin level, blood glucose, hemoglobin A1C-which tells the doctor your history of blood sugar level for the past two to three months, all of the electrolytes, chemical analysis of all of your vital organs, oxygen levels of the tissue, cancer markers, immune markers and genetic markers will be quickly downloaded to the doctor’s computers and the Artificial Intelligence in the Doctor’s computer can compile a comprehensive data of the patient and give him the potential diagnosis. The Doctor can then quickly make a decision of which diagnosis will be the most fitting and prescribe the medication or treatment for the patient and will send the orders in to the nearest pharmacy on your behalf.

Then the pharmacist will quickly get the necessary medications filled out and with the universal patient’s portal, the pharmacist can charge your account the amount of money necessary to bring the medications to you via the quickest delivery methods using a Drone delivery services that will bring it to your doorstep and your automatic door with Artificial Intelligence and house robot will take the delivery of the medications and bring them to you within one hour of seeing your doctor via Skype or FaceTime.

Most of the illness such as Bronchitis, Common Cold, flu, Pneumonia, Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension, Urinary Tract Infection, Diabetes Mellitus, Gastroenteritis, Constipation, Irregular Heart Rhythm, Prostate Hyperplasia, Skin Infection, etc will all be treated at home with targeted oral or subcutaneous antibiotic delivery system and the massive waiting time, transportation time, going to three different places to get a simple X-rays will be completely an ancient way of doing things.

Only physicians that you will have to see are the specialists in different surgical sub specialties for any surgical procedures that are beyond the scope of treatments of the Family Practice physicians and internists and pediatricians and Gynecologists. These specialist surgeons and sub specialists will be all in a big multi-specialty buildings and university health care centers and will have a large areas for same day surgery and short term hospitalizations and long term rehab centers. Depending on your level of insurance and ability to pay, you will have a private suites with executive services for your various illnesses.

Most of all the inconveniences will be minimized in the future medicine. Everyone will own a pocket ultrasound, oxygen saturation monitoring device, ambulatory EKG, basic and advanced blood drop testing and genetic as well as immunological survey will be done within your own home.

Written by MyBelief2017.wordpress.com

Friday, Dec. 13, 2019,8 :16 p.m.


Letter to Mayor Pete Buttigieg: The Fifth Installment

Hello, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Anthony Mercurio at info@peteforamerica.com:

I am a concerned citizen and have many issues that I would like to see our future president to address and give solutions.
1. Presidential Debate: In order to make a good stride in the fast moving, insult laden and hostile environment during the Presidential Debate, you should use the following  tactics to beat Donald Trump. If he survives the impeachment trial and stays in the race for 2020 presidential election, you should use all of the Promises that Donald Trump made during the campaign of 2016 and promptly forgot. The American public specially his core supporters who were swindled at the time did not forget. I will outline the most obvious eight items here and please, use them as the guide and tool to beat him in every debate.
a. Balance the Budget:  Trump promised that during his four to eight years of presidency, he will start paying down the National Debt. President Obama was already paying down the National Debt and when Donald Trump was campaigning, he was very much confident that the economy will be so great that he can start paying down the entire National Debt that once was close to $1 trillion, and now his debt has climbed to more than 68% of what he started out. President Obama had yearly reduction of the National Debt which was inherited from the failed George W. Bush’s fiscal policy and warmongering, and President Obama kept paying down to the point that it was half of what he started out and Donald Trump simply doubled it to Trillion Dollars.
b. Build the Border Wall and Mexicans will pay for it:  Donald Trump has not kept his promise and instead of having Mexicans pay for it, us the American Tax Payers are having to pay for the Border Wall using our defense budget and higher taxes of the middle class.
c. Coal and Steel Industry will be back:  The Coal and Steel industries are much worse off than before due to Donald Trump’s failed policies of National Protectionism and ill conceived trade war with almost every nation and causing great consternation and slowing down on international trades. 
d. Drain the Swamps:  Donald Trump is the swamp and his Republican congress are the epic example of self-serving Swamp. The do-nothing Republican senators and hostile Republican Congress Members of his party who are creating a roadblock to the future well-being of this country by delaying the much needed new laws to expand our transportation, infrastructures, moving toward solar energy, protecting our national parks, stopping the runaway tax cuts for rich and cutting the health care for the needy, uncontrolled military spending, irresponsible deficit spending and loss of our national pride in the international treaties and leaving our allies in the dirt.
e. I won’t have time to Play Golf: Donald Trump stated that there will be so much work, he won’t have time to play golf. His entire presidency is filled with useless Tweets and Playing golf and in between these two activities, he was creating policies that did not make sense both domestically and foreign. His inconsistency and lack of educated doctrines confused our Allies and strengthened our enemies.
f. I will fix the North Korean Nuclear Ambition:  With Donald Trump meeting Kim, Jung Eun and essentially endorsing him as the de facto leader of the Rogue State of North Korea which kills and starves her own people, now we have acknowledged that the North Korea indeed is a nation of weapons of mass destruction and we are too afraid to do anything about it. 
g. I will make America Great: Under Donald Trump’s policy which is similar to No Policy, we became the undependable country with all of Allies in NATO and the Syrian Freedom Fighters of Kurds who are left behind by Donald Trump’s snap decision to pull out all of our troops from Syria and left the Kurds to be demolished by Autocratic Dictator of Turkey and leaving the ISIS prisoners under the Turkey’s government who is going to release all of them. This caused great harm to our standing with our allies in the war on Terrorism and will make our country vulnerable to many future terrorist attacks. 
h. Total Healthcare Reform: Donald Trump said that he will replace the Affordable Care Act of President Obama and make one single national payer that can cover the entire Americans with cheaper and better rates with more coverage than the employer provided private health insurance. He really had no idea how complex the health insurance for America is. We have the best people working in the health care industry. We have the best doctors and nurses and very much dynamic but expensive medical care systems; however, it functions well. Compared to any of the Western World and other advanced Asian countries, our health care excels in innovations such as Robotic Surgery, Gene therapy, Targeted immunotherapy, Cancer Surgery, Trauma Care and keeping the very sick alive with Dialysis machines, Ventilators and latest technological advancements in the fields of Cancer Treatment, Orthopedic Surgeries and Stem Cell Research and application of Amniotic Cell Membranes for wound care. There are no other countries with a single payer system that can respond to a trauma situation like the USA. There are no other countries who will take care of unfunded patients like USA. There are no other countries with compassionate care for our sick and elders like the USA. Many of the countries that have high taxes for healthcare and single payer systems that are advertised as superior to ours are lying. The level of innovation is nearly zero, the smart people do not go into the field of medicine, their research and new inventions of medicine is nearly zero and the patients suffer in general. The bloated bureaucratic single payer national health care systems of Canada and Great Britain leave many patients waiting for simple surgeries for months until they die or give up. Our patient population who are used to immediate surgery and immediate emergency responders will never be satisfied with convoluted medical systems of inefficient and bureaucracy of the other countries. We Americans will never stand for 60% taxation to get mediocre healthcare doled out by pencil pushers of the Medicare or Medical.
If you use the visual aids such as a slide that shows all of the broken promises and at least the 8 slides that illustrates the broken promises and the resultant loss of America’s standing in the world today, you will garner so much support. You should really use the clear cut message to undo all of the damages that have been done by Donald Trump and his crooked cronies. 
2. Foreign Policy: As the President you must be fully aware that our enemies are Dictators, Autocrats, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Climate Changes, Polluters, Criminals and those who are self-serving and bad players for the future of this world. You must be fully engaged in formulating clear Foreign policy and has to have your own doctrine. We must be the Leader of the free world who will champion the policy of Honesty, Human Rights, Justice, Anti-corruption, Anti-Nuclear Proliferation, Anti-Drug, Anti-Militarization, Anti-Communism, Anti-Dictatorship.
When you look at Donald Trump’s policy and his history, it is for corruption, Russia, North Korea, Turkey and Putin. His legacy has been always self-serving. He was always helped by Saudi Arabia and Russians who invested huge amount of money to Donald Trump Towers in the countries and cities in the most corrupt, dictatorship and autocratic ruled countries. Donald Trump makes the policies that are furthering the instability of the world and pushing us more and more to divisiveness of our European allies. He encourages European Union to crack and divide and make our NATO weak by criticizing their roles. He emphasizes that American troops in S. Korea and Japan need to be paid so that we are there as Mercenaries and not the peace keeping troops to help the Allies. 
For over many years S. Korea and Japan have helped to foster Democracies and created billion dollars of wealth for America by building cheaper products for American public. They paid huge amount of money to keep the American soldiers in their land and keep the Democratic governments intact and spared any dangerous spreads of communism in the rest of the Asia. The containment policy for spread of communism and dictatorship should be invaluable for America and its allies. The amount of money that S. Korea and Japan spend on old and used and obsolete American Military equipments are unappreciated by Donald Trump and he only vilifies his best Allies. He praises our enemies and alienates our friends. His policies are so irrational and erratic that our future cannot be safe.  
I hope that you will develop Pro-Democracy, Pro-Environment policies that make sense to Americans. Do not radicalize your statements. Be the true leader of the Free World and make the statements that once you become the President of the U.S.A. you will keep the American, Democratically elected leaders of the world and Human Rights Advocates safe from harm and open our doors to the friends in need and make this country the True America that once was.
I hope this letter finds you well and focused in making our country strong and sensible once again. Let’s move this big ship back to its normal course to avoid a Huge Iceberg Disaster. We are definitely in the collision course with our country being the only one in the world going against the Paris Climate Accord and pulling out of Iranian Nuclear Treaty. Let’s set our course straight so that we will not be the next Titanic or Rome. 
Thank you for reading my series of blogs to right this country’s path again. From a concerned citizen of America. 

Letter to Mayor Pete Buttigieg: The Fourth Installment

Hello, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Anthony Mercurio at info@peteforamerica.com:

I am a concerned citizen and have many issues that I would like to see our future president address and give solutions to these issues.
(This is the fourth installment letter following the first one sent on Monday, Oct. 14, 2019.)
1. Military Spending:  The level of money that we are spending on the military is astronomical. It was predicted by the late great President Eisenhower at the end of his presidency that the Military Industrial Complex must be watched carefully. In the fiscal year of 2015 alone,  the U.S. Government spent 598 Billion dollars on procuring the military equipments from the top twenty military industrial complexes. Over half of the discretionary budget is spent on the military in the U.S.A. There are no other country which spends more money per capita for the military than the U.S.A. If we spend just 10% of this money for building a future transportation system, the U.S. will have the fastest, safest and the most useful bullet train system in the world.  If we saved 20% of the military budget and spent it on our schools, we will have the best school system in the world. Right now the U.S.A. lags behind in every measurement of our secondary scholastic achievements and the numbers of graduates students going into science, technology, aerospace engineering, health care, mathematics and physics compare to the next ten developed countries. We are not even top ten in the world. How long will it take before we become a third world country? It will take less than ten years before China, Russia, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Iran will take over us as the top country. The objective data on how we are doing with our health care system measured by some important parameters such as infant mortality rates, preventive health care, public education on the prevention of diseases are all lagging way behind even the poorest third world country. It is a shameful statistics that the President must fix. What about the uncontrolled homeless populations in our top twenty cities.  Right now we need to rein in the uncontrolled spending of the Military Industrial Complex and shift our investments for our poor Educational Systems, Public Transportations, Health Care Industry and reducing the homeless population to zero. 
2. Rebuilding of America:  We are the only country in the world who lets our cities deteriorate to the point that no-one feels safe in living in certain parts of the city. The gangs run without a fear of the Police, and the Police is fearful of the powerful gangs. We are the only nation that doesn’t fully take the Federal Government and the elected officials accountable for the safety of our citizens. If one city, such as Chicago had over one hundred gun related violent homocide, the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Marshals should declare a state of emergency and take over the dysfunctional city and put a strict law and regulations and curfew and stop the violence and find all of the perpetrators and put them in prison. We must respect the individual freedom and liberty until to the point where that individual becomes a harm to him or her and anyone else. If the City cannot handle the crime, the Federal Government must come in and take over. The local and state police must be empowered to take back the streets of crimes and must keep the law abiding citizens safe. The sole role of the government is to keep its citizens safe from each other and from the outside forces. As our next President, you must combat the inner-city’s violence, poverty, gangs, deterioration, homelessness, rampant drug abuse and safety for its citizens. Instead of war on drugs, you must declare war on crime of the inner city, and bring back our proud cities from the brink of disasters.
3. Guns and Violence:  It is only natural to fear NRA and the voting bloc of gun owners that the NRA controls. It is also natural as the sitting president to fear that the voter mobilization and gun toting citizens’ potential power to take away your election. However, the majority of the citizens are for the following sensible gun ownership. Gun owners must be treated as car owners. As it is legal to own a car and drive it, it is also an obligation and a privilege to own and operate the car. It is mandatory that if you want to own a gun, you must have a strict mental health check, background check, criminal check, and fire arm safety course certificate and must pass a written and oral exam about the gun safety. As it is customary in automobile ownership, a citizen cannot own a street illegal cars. Same rules should be applied to a citizen. No one should own a gun that is designed to kill humans. The weapons designed solely to inflict massive damage to the human beings must be banned from ownership. It 
should be illegal to own more than a few guns and shotguns and rifles and each firearm must meet the safety standards and must be kept in a safe places where a child cannot get into and the gun owners must pay extra tax for ownership and the extra tax money should go to the department of gun control so that they can track all of the guns and its owners such as the car ownership in America. So that each time a particular gun is used in a crime, it can be traced back to its owner. All gun owners must have a finger print and DNA database so that any gun can be traced back to its owner.
4. Climate Change:  It is scientifically proven that man made climate change has profound impact and we as the leader of the democratic nations, must change our course of action quickly to avert the global catastrophe. I am well aware of the fact that the people who are not directly affected by the current climate change will be totally against any belt tightening laws and the following rules. I for one would not like tfro see the damaging and unenforceable carbon taxation systems that may cripple the developed nations’ industry; however, the 200 plus nations must agree in a common goal of cutting down on the production of runaway pollution and carbon emissions by engaging in the following activities: every activity of humans which can cut down on the unnecessary production of the carbon dioxide footprints should be curtailed immediately. These are using anything that is made of fossil fuels such as plastic bags, straws, bottles should be banned immediately. We can certainly do away from the most prevalent plastic bags and instead start using the reusable and organic bags. We can easily do away with the plastic straws. The bottles should be made up of the organic plant based materials and not from the petroleum. We should stop subsidizing the petroleum industry and instead help the electric transportation by subsidies that makes sense for the future. We must stop the thirst for the black crude and its insane products. We as the informed consumers must be informed of the fossils fuel consumption and its negative consequences to our climate. Finally we must change all of our electrical production from the fossil fuel burning plants to solar system. Once the initial high investment phase of solar panels and infrastructure are passed, the near infinite free payments from the sun to generate pure and clean electricity must only make sense to anyone with any business sense. I for one am impressed by the huge leap of technological advancements in the African continent’s usage of the solar farms to meet their increasing demands for the electricity. 
Thank you for reading my humble opinion.
I would like to share my beliefs for the better solutions for our future.

TheWay To Become Financially Independent!

In the U.S.A. it is getting harder to become financially independent. The biggest obstacles for the regular folks to become financially well-off in the 21st Century is no longer the combination of working hard, living within the means and be frugal with the savings. The reason is that in order to save enough money to become financially secure, you have to have an excellent education, successful businesses or win a lottery. In order to get the most decent education, you have to incur educational debts or have some financial backing for the education cost from the parents. It is becoming harder and harder to secure good paying job with just a diploma from high school or even community college. Basically most of the folks who cannot afford to go to a university or get a successful business started.

However, there is a solution to this problem. For the hard working people in the U.S.A., in order to become financially independent, you must have the following four elements.

  1.  You must have aspiration, drive and ambition and clear goals for how much you want to save according to your dream. If you want a house, two cars, two children and the financial means to keep them, you have to have a realistic dollar figure. Once you have that then, you must keep the financial diary and the end date to save the necessary money to achieve one after the other. So simply put, a tangible goal to reach the dream.
  2. You must stay in school and finish the highest educational objectives. This is a must. You must have some sort of license to be employed or establish a business which is essential for the society that you live in. This could be one of the three established professionals such as business management, licensed professions or licensed tradesman.
  3. You must have a stable homelife. This means you must dedicate to find a partner and be loyal and trustworthy. The couple who is married and dedicated are more likely to succeed in financial game than a loner who tries on their own. Divorce is one way to cut your financial asset to less than half. Be aware to find the right person with the right goal.
  4. Finally you must have the two investments. One in the long term savings with some allocated in stocks and bonds and mutual funds and the other one in a real estate. Do not consider your home as an investment. Your house that you live in will be the biggest single source of expense. Therefore, before you commit to buying a house, you must invest in a real estate such as two to four apartments and live in one and rent the rest out to pay for your existing mortgage.

If you maintain the previous four items and stay healthy, you will most likely succeed in life in the U.S.A. Nowhere else in the world can you make that claim. Still this country abodes the best promise for your financial success since our system is democratic and capitalist with stable education system.


Medicine for the Future

Multiple Medicines

Our medical system in the U.S.A. has been envy of the rest of the world for many years. The inventions and innovations for surgeries, pharmaceuticals, improved hospital systems, medical educational institutes, training of doctors and nurses, creating efficient emergency medical system, probably the best trauma system in the world and most notably the most well trained physicians by the modern medical and surgical residency systems that every other country tries to imitate.

However, there is one glaring element that has been overlooked for many years. That is the “Customer Care.”

America is probably the most innovative nation on earth. We invented more things that changes lives than any other countries. Just look at the Electric Light Bulb, Modern Medicine, Airplanes, Movies, Phonograph, Skyscraper, Liquid Fuel Rocket, Sunglasses, Computer, Nylon, Automatic Transmission for Automobiles, Microwave, Laser, LED Lighting, Shopping Malls, Laser Printers, Fiber Optic Cable, Internet, E-mails, GPS Navigation System, IBM’s Watson, Artificial Intelligence, iPhones, and FaceTime. 

With all of the innovations and inventions came the surprising advancement in marketing and selling. The urban cities have seen the invention of supermarkets, downtown shopping malls come and go. One thing that was important for these service sectors to survive is to cater to the customers’ needs and their wants. The customers want faster and convenient service with kind human touch. Just look at the most successful shops that are still with us today. The Nordstrom, 7-11, QuickLube, McDonad’s, Costco, etc. These are where people want to go shop and enjoy the consistent, uniform services with excellent customer care and consistent human touch with reasonable prices.

In modern medicine we have come far with inventions that changed the world with its innovation and its applicability in extending human lives. The CNN top ten lists are Human Genome Project, Stem Cell Research, Atripla-Triple HIV Treatment Tablet, Targeted Molecular Treatment for Cancer Cells, Minimally Invasive Surgeries, Smoke-free laws, HPV Vaccine Gardasil, Transplants Technology, Birth Control, Bionic limbs.

However, the one overlooked area of medicine is the customer care. It starts with the experience of the each and every patient at the doctor’s office. The doctor’s office must be able to achieve the following convenience factor. It must offer the immediate pain free laboratory exams including the basic complete blood tests, urine tests, pregnancy test and chest and extremity x-rays and basic ultrasound. These tests must be available for immediate viewing and uploading to the patient’s digital devices and must have immediate and preliminary interpretation by the machine that performs this test. The overall test results should be discussed with the same physician at the end of the initial visit. The doctor must not be liable for missed diagnosis because there are professional pathologist, hematologist, radiologist and other specialists that are trained to read the x-rays, lab results and histopathologic slides to determine if and when these things are relevant. However, during the initial consultation the preliminary readings of the x-rays and laboratory results must be available for viewing by the patient and the physician based on the algorithm  so that the physician is not under pressure to make the exact and absolutely final diagnosis. However, further detailed analysis will be done by the experts upon request by the patient for more expensive charges for the later date.

Finally the patient must have the medications individually packaged for the duration of the treatments ready by the time the initial consultation and treatment plans are agreed by the patient and the physician. The pharmacist must be available during the same time that the doctor’s office operates whether it is from 8 o’clock until the closing of the office usually 5 or 6 p.m. The medications must be in an individual transparent biodegradable packet with one sheet of explanations of which tablet does which treatment and the side effects in a simple to read and understand language and the packet should have printed on it at what time to take these pills.

The customer must know exactly how much these services cost and they must be able to pay with their insurance plans with reasonable and consistent co-pays. The co-pays cannot be different for each and every practitioner. It must be uniform whether it is for a family doctor or internal medicine doctor or OB/GYN or pediatrician. Once these common illnesses are found and treated, then the more advanced treatment plan can be formulated and referred to a bigger clinic and hospital based system. If the patient needs a surgeon or oncologist or neurologist, the patient must be referred to them immediately and the appointment system must be made from doctor’s office to doctor’s referral specialist office bypassing any need for the customer’s to get involved.

These must be done so that American medicine reflect upon the convenience and customer care that we are so proud in implementing in almost every other aspect of the society where the competition for public’s money demands and dictates the surviving service sectors. The health care system must learn from the likes of Nordstrom.


2020 Presidential Election: Letter to Joe Biden, Democratic Nominee

Dear Mr. Joe Biden:

First congratulations on winning the democratic nomination for 2020 presidential election. You have won among many competent and well-known candidates. I would like to list five points that may help you win against the formidable opponent in the election on Nov. 3, 2020.

  1. You have to earn the presidency by showing up to each state voters, specially the eight most important swing states. The most important ones being Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina and Minnesota. Learn from Hillary Clinton’s failure in counting on erroneous poll numbers and ill gotten advices. Still today in America if you want the job, you have to show up for a job interview.
  2. Secondly you have to show the swing voters, moderate republicans, educated whites, self-employed business owning Asian-Americans, upper middle class professionals and all disgruntled non-voters and young people in this country that you want the job to change the current situation and make it better for each of them. You have to show the enthusiasm and earnest energy to want this job. You must show that you have the passion and really want to make the change. The former President Obama won because he wanted the job more earnestly than his democratic opponents and the republican opponents. You must show that you have more passion and desire to win than Trump.
  3. You must address the fears of public. We are afraid of the following in order: Covid Pandemic, Economy, Racial Violence, Future Opportunities of our Youth, Wellbeing of the Earth. Each of the top five fears must be addressed in specific terms and the solutions to deal with them. You must present the problems that we face in a common, simple terms. We have a problem of over 180,000 people dead and over 5 million people infected. You must promise that you will mobilize all of our country’s resources in getting the rapid tests for anyone who wants it and needs it for free, hire 100,000 or more contact tracers, enforce the tough mask and social distancing laws, uniform guidance to all of the people to follow and insure that timely treatments to all people are guaranteed with government funding for those who cannot pay and have no insurance. Once the Covid-19 pandemic is under control, then the second most important issue of getting the Economy back on track should be addressed. The Tax issue must be addressed head on. You must state the obvious. There is a far cry for fair taxation to all of the citizens. The rich doesn’t want to pay for all of the taxes and poor do not want tax loop holes for the rich. However, one thing is clear. What Trump has done to bring about the corporations back by cutting the corporation’s tax rate was very popular. You must promise that sound tax policy must be maintained; however, all citizens who earns income must pay some tax to support this country. Also the graduated tax rate that is fair for mega rich and also poor must be instituted. No one who benefits from our country should get a free ride. You must address this capitalism idea to combat the fear of socialism non-sense, whatever that is. The racial violence must be addressed immediately. You need to attend with Senator Kamala Harris to all of the major peaceful demonstrations with masks on and make a speech to bring peace and resolution to police brutality. You must be visible and give out the reasonable solutions but show support to law abiding citizens and police alike. The future of our youth and the educational systems and job opportunities are in our minds. Who will carry the country when we are gone. We need to address the dire educational systems, incompetent Betsy DeVoss and Trumpism head on. You must address to the youths that education should be affordable, excellent, equal, readily available to those who merit them. You must address the issues of ever increasing educational costs and obscene rise of school loans and debt load for young people. These obstructions for the youth to get the higher education must be eradicated as soon as you become the next president. Finally the earth is dying in our hands. The overpopulation, universal poverty, extreme pollution, overheating the earth with fossil fuel usage, indiscriminate plastic usages, poor education and income disparity have caused the earth to become the dying planet. Over 25 % of ocean’s coral reefs are dead, over 200 million tons of microscopic plastic is being ingested by our fishes, carbon dioxide emission is unabating, and our U.S.A. has pulled out from the most important world organizations and climate accords. We need to be back in the world organizations and communicate with other countries, specially the ones that are forward looking and democratic. We need to maintain the relationships with our allies. Do not forget the past like Trump has done. He is very selfish and extremely short-sighted. Make sure that you address the future of our world and issues of our role in the world peace and health.
  4. Most importantly you must have a television presence on a daily basis. You must go on the most visible interviews for every little lies that Donald Trump makes. Make sure that you have one minute or two minute interviews everyday until the day of the election. Do not be afraid of making any mistakes. Trump makes one thousand mistakes and people forgive and forget. You are no different. However, you have to be visible. The worst thing in the campaign is people viewing your still photograph with a mask on. You look like a far distant, distracted, angry person hidden behind the mask. You must engage in one interview with one news outlet daily. You must start out with ABC and CBS and NBC and CNN and MSNBC and FOX and make the same rounds again and again with one of the five issues that I listed for you.
  5. Finally, you must learn from Ronald Regan. You must have a humor. You must show that you can actually laugh and joke with everyone. What sets you apart from the Trumpism and his cronies and that you can take a punch and laugh about it. You can be making mistakes and self-deprecating humors and take the punches well. You must deflect it by saying that I am a human and I can make a small mistakes and that’s OK. People will fall in love with your humanity, your humor, personality, and start liking you and trust you. That’s what we need from our President.

Good luck Mr. Biden. We need you more than ever.

Future World Imagined Series by MyPhilosophy 2017

The World of Future Imagined and Hopefully Will Be One Day: Food Production

4/10:  Food Production

In the future the food production will be drastically changed in order to meet the obvious challenges that we are facing today in the current orders of things: for example the agricultural, dairy farming and ocean fishing have put the fragile ecosystem in peril. The most successful species in the entire history of the earth is poised to make the earth so hostile to its own existence that human beings can count on self-annihilation within this century. The global warming and over fishing as well as uncontrollable pollution of the soil, water and air will create an environmental disaster which cannot be easily reversed. However, there are certain mitigating movements that will inevitably bring some reliefs to this dire situation and eventually change the entire food production of the future.


Covid-19 Challenge April 6, 2020

Chapter 1

I am alone here in a small kitchen table thinking about all of the things that have happened within the last two months. I remember when Donald Trump was stating on T.V. that the Corona Virus is just like any other flu. It will blow over soon. U.S. will have the best outcome since we are well prepared. I did not believe him for a minute and I knew that the Pandemic is real and it will be something that we have never faced in our lifetime.

The challenge was real. The real thing was to brace for our lives. The most heinous part of all was that we have a leader who doesn’t know the science, never appreciated the experts and shout out his fantasies from the most powerful platform where the requisite media outlets have to show up to broadcast the entire rantings live and pay homages to the highest office of this country. The sad part is that there is no editing, filtration, or responsible journalism to stop the biggest yellow journalism at play here. Due to the fact that there is a real life-threatening pandemic disease that are spreading like wildfire out of control without any plan to stop the spread of the fire of death, we are faced with over 10,000 needless deaths. If incompetence in leadership that kills should be criminal activity, the life sentence may not be enough. I am watching in horror as the unfolding of daily ritualistic TV shows of Castro-esque marathon speech by the most ineffective leader that we ever had.

I feel so challenged therefore I am writing my series of Covid-19 challenge essays to focus on the work that lies ahead in our country. I love this country. This is my homeland. The land of fertile soil and kind giving people have raised me, embraced me, nurtured me, paid me and made me a successful professional. I am so proud of being a citizen of a free nation that allows me the freedom to express my thoughts without fear of backlashing, backstabbing, imprisonment, social isolation, government persecution. This democratic nation is still the last piece of real estate that is left on this earth where the individual freedom and liberty looms high and mighty by the promise of our forefathers. Since I don’t see too many years of this freedom, while I still can, I want to exercise this freedom to its fullest once before I die and become a useful soil and dirt again.

We must first condemn and stop the misinformation that is reaching 40% of the affected Americans. There are more misinformation that are clouding the judgments of the good people than ever. The AT&T, Comcast, Fox, and OAN-One America News Network are the worst of the worst. These hypocrites pushing their stupid agendas and spouting false news to confuse the Americans and continuous, blind support for the naked king of the snake oil salesman and fantasy rewrite of the recent events and false overwrite of the recent epic failure of presidency are undermining our own democracy and the long standing leader role of our country.

It is very difficult to shut these news outlets down since they are all protected by the same inalienable protection promised in our constitution as the freedom of speech but at the same time we as the informed citizens have the right to avoid these ill fated, substandard news outlets. Stop watching them. Stop giving them money and accolades. Do not repeat their outlandish hypocritical reporting. Stand firm for fair reporting that has been fact checked and conscience. Use your philosophical compass to make the judgement based on your observation. Look at the Trump’s own behavior, his own words and performance in front of the TV media and tweets and judge for yourself. Do not watch the rebroadcast of the Fox and Comcast with filtered biased lies.

It will take time to demand the truth to come out and it will take efforts to be informed. But it is about time that we as a collective, informed citizen of this free country exercise our right to the truth and avoid watching the trash journalism. That’s our first challenge to avoid the destruction of the beautiful experiment of human political science of democracy based on truth, compassion, empathy, belief in something other than self and self-less giving for the better world.


April 5, 2020

It’s Sunday. I am writing this about our pandemic crisis with Covid 19 virus. I am watching the current leaders of the mightiest country in the world. And I am petrified. I am full of apprehension and trembling with fear that I have not felt since I was a seven year old boy going to six o’clock morning mass in dark. I feel like I am a little boy who was completely dependent on the goodwill of adults and supernatural being to protect me from harm. There was the time when I had very little command or control over anything. I was totally helpless and very scared. Only time that I felt safe was if my father or mother were around me and watching over me. When neither of them were around, I was lost half of the time, or I just felt totally scared and apprehensive about everything.Now as an adult and a parent, I have lots of control and my childhood fear are all but forgotten.

Until I watched the news briefing by the President of the U.S.A. The foreboding feeling and helplessness that I felt as a sensitive seven year old boy, who was waiting patiently outside the large Catholic Church where I was the only server in the morning mass. I used to wait outside counting one to hundred because I was so scared of the darkness and any noise. It was literally pitch dark before the sun came up in the middle of the winter months. I got up at 5 o’clock and walked to the church every morning because I felt that by doing the right thing for God, He will protect my family from harm. I was trying my best to be brave, but I was always petrified and cold. I forgot that fear of darkness as an adult. I still have certain nightmares about being afraid of the dark, but I don’t have the sense of fear of darkness anymore. However, I definitely remember how I felt as a seven year old. Now that feeling came back with certain apprehension that I cannot shake. It is always there now.

I watch in horror that the President is saying that maybe it’s time to wear cloth mask when the Pandemic is all around us. There are literally tens of thousand of American dying and more of them are spreading the virus, we still don’t have the capacity to check for Covid 19 exposed individuals who are running around and potentially giving the contagion virus by walking and breathing the same air. We still have shortage of masks, gowns, ventilators, and still the President is stating that unless you are nice to him, he will not release the PPE to the state of Michigan.

I am so petrified and apprehensive with the failed leadership of this country, I don’t have any way of mitigating my childhood fear of darkness and the feeling of complete helplessness creeping over my entire body, suppressing any immune response that I may must up to Covid 19 Virus.

I hope I will survive this crisis and vote for someone with decency and clue.

Letter to Mayor Pete Buttigieg: Seventh Installment: Private Lives

There has been some talk about what Rush Limbaugh has said on his radio talk show mentioning that the President Donald Trump will have a “field day” when everyone sees Mayor Pete Buttigieg kissing his husband. As a person who has a deep admiration and respect for Mayor Pete Buttigieg and his future leadership role in the U.S. politics, I would like to suggest some things.

Most of the people in America nowadays do not give any thoughts about same sex marriage. Specially those of us who are college educated and have several gay friends could care less what any bigoted, ill-informed people will say about gays and lesbians. It is sickening and divisive and prejudiced to speak so openly when we all know that being gay is not a choice. All of the scientific and social data are firm and concrete.

However, the mainstream Americans have a huge problem with anyone trying to push their sexuality, their social agendas, religious beliefs, and their prejudices down in our throat. For example I have a very hard time in seeing Gay Parade filled with scantly clothed and highly sexually explicit people trying to showcase their sexual preferences or orientation to the others. Same with people in some sort of religious sects trying to convert the mass with hatred speech, doomsday preaching and sales pitch.

As a Presidential Candidate, the public display of affection should be left at home. You should be very sensitive to the needs of the public to have the focus on the future of our nation. The agendas that you should be focused on is the future relationships among the citizens, foreign policy, strengthening the relationships with our allies, communicating the pathway for common sensical approach to the immigration policy, economic developments and creating jobs which pay well and health care of the nation.

You should have the policies set for the future and slowly reveal them to the nation. You should praise one or two things that Donald J. Trump has done well. You also should take into considerations that the Senator Amy Klobuchar is crushing everyone on stage with broad and deep based knowledge in all matters that pertain to our concerns. When you debated, you should concentrate on your plans and agendas with solid backing of the statistics.

The delivery of your speech should be much more impassioned than professorial. You cannot lecture to people. You have to speak as if you truly believe in everything that you say. I know that you believe them to be true. You are the most educated, articulate, honest and truly empathetic person but you are not the most enthusiastic. When the interviewer asks a general question and you have an answer, raise your hand as high as the kids in the first day of the class. Show people some humor. Mix your speech with self-deprecating jokes and humors and answer the piercing racial questions about your past history of having so many black incarcerations in your city with something like, “I have provided more jobs to the African-American citizens of my proud city in order to get them out of the abject poverty which fuels the crime waves.” “As I put the money and investments to elevate the economic status of the Black folks in our proud city of South Bend, Indiana, there were some increase in the crime, which I know came from more money to purchase guns.” “Therefore, it took a while of dealing with more violence and more crimes and more incarcerations, but if you look at the numbers of incarcerations for white folks, they also went up at the same time.” “We were not discriminatory in our police work.” “As the Mayor and the future President of this great country, I take the full credit and also the blame for the results from my policy and action, and I am very proud of what I have achieved as a Mayor in South Bend.”

The majority of the candidates do not discuss or mention their spouses at all. Only one who really mentions his spouse during the campaign is the weakling, Donald J. Trump and he cannot get his wife to hold his hand.  It is pathetic that he is pushing her and his daughter forward as he hides behind the skirts for his wrong doings, shortcomings and missteps. I hope that you will have an ear to listen to the salient and wise advice from a concerned citizen.

Good luck on your campaign, Mr. Future President.


American Addiction

Why are the Americans in the U.S.A. have so much problem with the addiction?

Each day I see the people in America, who are desperately dealing with addiction of some form. Some people are addicted to a street drug, such as heroine or methamphetamine. Some people are addicted to alcohol. Many are truly addicted to legal pain medications. Why is it that the Americans in U.S.A. are the most addictive people in the world? Why is it that the most advanced, wealthiest and highly educated population in a country that is known as the most democratic and leading nation of the world is literally sick with addiction? When you look at the root cause of this addiction, many experts will start out with many different reasons behind the epidemic of drug addiction starting out with teenagers spending longer time watching their phones, computers, social media and games. Some of the experts may explain that the addiction to drugs come from the culture of the society, which makes the use of drugs to numb the pain and gives the people a good time is the main cause of the addiction epidemic. Some may say that the epidemic of addiction came from dopamine related chemical release. There are many theories and potential culprit to this reality that the Americans are the biggest abuser of the illegal and legal drugs and substances. Some may say that the culprit is a depression.

Why is that? Why are so many people turning to drugs and alcohol and illegal substances in the U.S.A.? I can honestly say that the root cause is very deep. One has to look very deeply into the society as a whole. The free, capitalist country embracing the individual freedom began the laissez-faire experiment and market oriented society. If you can make more money, you will be happy. If you spend money in buying more things, you will be happier. The limitless and uncontrolled earning and spending caused people to be essentially slaves to the market economy in the total capitalist society. The worship of money and essentially becoming the slaves to the endless cycle of needing to make more money to spend it on meaningless items and properties put the value system squarely on materialistic procurement and not true humanistic value system. We have strayed far from the most valuable things, such as spending time with loved ones, parents, children, friends. Taking long and short family trips. Socializing and volunteering and love and respect of each other for who we are are slowly ebbing away to envy for the materialist goods that we have. Comparing ourselves to the others who have amassed more things that the money can buy. The bigger house, pool, cars and expensive vacations.

As we slowly move away from the humanistic value systems to money worshipping materialistic consumerism, the following happened. We moved out of our parents’ and grandparents’ homes and became independent and nuclear family was born. The empty nesters became lonely couples where two of the household must work to maintain what the society norm dictated into buying more things. The vicious cycle that leads to epidemic of depression and compulsive behaviors. The excessive consumption of coffee and nicotine and alcohol as well as speed and marijuana are the direct results of the capitalism gone bad to worst consumerism. Food addiction, sex addiction and the chemical addiction are the typical symptoms of the sick society that moved away from the family values and loneliness. Human beings can only survive and thrive well in happy mode if we live in a loving, tight knit family units. Americans in their fervor to be free and independent, they forgot the true happiness that comes only by living with others in your family other than your immediate members of the nuclear family. Once we embrace the cultures of enlarged family, the divorce rates will continue to clim, single mother raising several children will increase and the lonely fathers who commit heinous crimes and suicides will also increase. The drug addiction is the symptom of the breakdown of the family units across this beautiful country.

In conclusion we must be cautious when we embrace the consumerism. It is a wonderful privilege to live in the richest nation on earth, but how long will it last if we don’t look inwards and fix the rotting core. We must embrace the family unit and start fixing the addiction problems together. Stop blaming the fault of others, instead volunteer to fix one or more problems that we are facing together. Slowly our sick society can mend, the homeless people will find the shelter in their new family homes, the government should not have to spend so much money on unnecessary things and turn around and do the right things for the people. I am optimistic that we have to address our root cause for this massive addiction.

Future World Imagined Series by MyPhilosophy 2017: 2 of 10

Future World Imagined Series by MyPhilosophy 2017: 2 of 10

Future World Imagined: Housing-2/10

In the future the houses will be built much differently than the way that the most of houses are built in America. Right now most of the houses are built with wooden frame. Two by fours are stacked in certain pre-measured spaces and nailed together to give as sort of structure and dry walls are plastered to make the solid walls and light roof with insulation and firm foundation made out of poured concrete or wooden planks on a raised foundation are what we usually find today. Sure there are many other types of dwellings if you look further into different costs and types of climates. We see some pre-fabricated houses built on trailer, aluminum, steel beams, and occasionally concrete homes. However, the most popular types are wooden frame houses.

In the future the houses are built to withstand the following natural events: Fire, Earthquakes, and Flood. The houses will be built to last many centuries. The type of construction will be radically changed to fit into the natural surroundings. The house will have structural materials that will be made out of different materials than the wood. It will be made of composite materials that can bear loads but will not burn and will not deteriorate. The shape of the house will be circular and not square or rectangular. It will not have pointed rooflines. It will not have conventional roofing materials. The future house will be on a foundation that will sit on electro-hydraulic system that can raise and lower the house as the need arises. The rooftop will be also mobile and will be covered with solar panels, which will provide all of the electricity that the house will need. During the evening time or when there are natural events that will require the change of the roof, the solar rooftop will be covered with the ground covered metallic lid which will lower over the existing solar rooftop as the house is lowered below the ground level. The house will be lowered into the deeper ground by electro-hydraulic system and at the lower most part of the house below the foundation of the circular house will be a pneumatic shock absorbers to withstand 9 Richter scale earthquakes. When the house sinks below the ground level, the self-contained house will have fresh air piped in from air ducts with multiple inlets which are all protected with self-regulated filtration system to keep any pollutants out of the house. Once the house is closed and lowered, it will be essentially waterproof as a submarine so that flood or massive rainfall will not flood the house, and the house will have internal electricity stored in the massive and very efficient battery and back-up generators that run on non-polluting fuel source if the needs arise to supply electricity for crucial weeks and months.

The air intake will also monitor the surrounding area of the air intake system and actual natural air quality that comes in to the house to make sure that enough natural air comes in from multiple sources some distance from the house and from the intake pipes that are much higher than the ground clearance so that the flood or rain cannot stop the air from coming in. The house will also have capacity to create air and water in case there is higher level of emergency situation. The water tank that is buried near the house will have tremendous capacity for future drought and the used water will go through multiple ultra filtration and highly efficient recycle system which will never put water into the sewage system. All future homes will be able to  clean, recycle, recirculate all of our waste water, and carbon dioxide and any other unnaturally produced gas and waste, thereby becoming pollution free and carbon dioxide free.

The circular structures of the homes will provide tremendous advantages in structural integrity, maximal usable spaces inside, minimal foot prints and less weight and maintenance free. We will not need to put tiles, paint the outside, change the windows, due to rust, fire, rain, time elements and sun damages. The inside can be partitioned by easily movable walls and sturdy frames that can be placed anywhere within the house since the structural integrity of the house is the circular outer wall which bears all of its load to the outside wall, and the inside decoration and room sizes and living spaces will all be easily movable and controlled by the owner’s desires. The light composite materials for the outer wall will be secured to the elevator type of mobile electro-hydraulic mechanism and the foundation will have the earthquake proof pneumatic shock absorbers that will protect the foundation and surrounding structures that protects the circular house. When there is strong wind, fire, water threatening the house, simply the house will sink into its surrounding shell buried deep into the ground. All of the windows will have extremely hard resin glass that are very transparent but can darken and also can withstand much pressure, and its waterproof design will help from any storms. The outer bunker which will contain the house on its elevator and shock absorption foundation will be made from hardened composite materials made out of steel and concrete like materials and will be so strong and sturdy that the house will be securely sitting in it for many years.

The cost of the construction will be extremely cheap, since there are no labor costs at the site to construct millions of circular pods with fabrication performed mainly in the factory and will be shipped to the housing sites in uniform, interchangeable pieces in a shape much like divided pizzas and assembled easily within a few hours. The electro-hydraulic system and bunker-like outer wall will require construction crew to work for a few days and electrician and engineers will have to work to have the ground level lid for the house; however, the total labor force which will be needed will be fraction of what we have today. There will be absolutely minimal maintenance. The recycling system for water and air will be connected to the house and will be factory made. The solar panels will be attached to the circular roof and the sides of the house and the electrical storage and generators will be already installed in the house. The interior will be already finished and the owners can change the shape of the rooms by changing the walls on mobile, glide type of platforms that can easily be arranged and secured to make square, rectangular shape of rooms. The bathrooms, kitchens, storage rooms and other necessary rooms such as laundry room, work room, entertainment room and offices will be already built and fixed. Only walls that needs arrangements will be for the living room, dining room, bed rooms. The house will be surrounded by multiple windows, sky lighting system to maximize the natural lighting condition. The efficiency of the house in matters of dirty water, air and trash will be 100% in terms of recycling. These houses will be large with over 3,000 sq. ft. of living space and will be two or three levels of living spaces internally. It will be sound and noise proof and well insulated by its design of triple layered walls. Purified air with accurate moisture level will keep us much healthier and protects from any outside dangers. Because of its circular design and the small outer structure and subterranean design, there will be multiple housing units within the small areas of the lands that more people can live in a smaller area. There will be no need for garages or parking lots due to the fact that the smart vehicles will be available for extremely cheap price. The electric, driverless vehicle will be summoned to your front step or few feet of walking distance and will be there to take you to the work place, shopping center or train station. People that desire their outside storage unit for RV or private car collection can pay extra to have a garage that are designed to withstand fire, flood and earthquake and will also have multiple levels of underground storage capacity with elevator system, which will enable the owner to keep a big RV, multiple vintage or modern vehicles, motorcycles, electrical quads, bicycles and electrical mopeds. The modern garage and storage unit will be built much the same way as the house but it will be a rectangular shape and it will have a definite structure with solar panels all around it and will have a side passage and mobile platforms with multiple subterranean platforms. The garage will be more expensive to build; however, for the homeowners who do not mind spending money for their recreational vehicles, boats and others will have to pay extra their hobbies. Most of the people will not participate in this activity since the transportation is so inexpensive and owning cars will become extremely unattractive. The homeowner’s insurance will be only few dollars since the factory built house will be warranted for fifty years by the builders and the lighting system, solar panels and movable parts will be under the same warranty. There will be no need for flood insurance, fire insurance or earthquake insurance saving the cost of owning the house by tens of thousands of dollars. There will be minimal maintenance cost. It will be like owning a Tesla electrical car.

This is my second of ten blog of future of America. It is found in Mybelief2017.wordpress.com. Please, follow me on my journey to make this world better. underwater circular house