Clean Up America: The New Series of Blogs in preparation of a new Book. My Target Date will be August 31, 2022 to finish a new Ten Chapter Book

FeaturedClean Up America: The New Series of Blogs in preparation of a new Book.  My Target Date will be August 31, 2022 to finish a new Ten Chapter Book

June 30, 2022

Here I am writing in a blog that no one reads. I am preparing to write a book to start a small movement of sort to save this country that I love. I devoted all of my adult life in trying to make a good living for my family and others surrounding me. I have studied hard, trained and became a successful surgeon. I now devote half of my working life to help the community that I live in. I do many free surgeries and help as many homeless patients, uninsured patients, Medi-Cal patients, inmates of prisons, elderly, lonely and helpless people. I feel that it’s my mission to help others as much as I can as well as helping my beloved family members with the same care and attention. I truly believe that if I try my best to help others, the rewards will be life-changing. I feel great getting up in the morning feeling that I have mission and looking forward to achieving my dream of being in a place where I can be helpful to others and not need someone’s help. The thought of “Being a Good Samaritan” as in the Bible, I feel empowered.

I am going to write a book called, “Let’s Clean Up America.” The book will contain ten chapters. The very first chapter will describe my short biography. I believe in short, easy readable book. As my very first foray of publishing my own book, I am going to make it so simple and easy to read and understand that anyone from the age of seven to seventy will understand. The next nine chapters will be divided into three major categories. The first three chapters will lay out the introduction of how bad it is in America. The current situation of declining in the areas of dirty streets, wasted lives with drug addiction, violence in the school, home and society, loss of directions, hope and dream will be featured in the Chap. 2. The Chap. 3 will feature the deterioration of education system. Chap 4 will finally feature the bleak future of America as the united states become two separate enemies. The Blue and Red states, the NY and CA vs. the rest of the country. The middle three chapters will start analyzing why the first three deterioration occurred. What did we do to cause these casualties of the society? Therefore, the Chap. 5 will start the historical accounts of trash producing, plastic loving, gas guzzling and cheap imports dependent addiction oriented society of America. The Chap. 6 will delve into the school system and outlook of life that focused and glorified sports instead of scholarship, athlete vs. academic and decline of IQ in general. The lost generation of 1970’s due to the drug culture. The Chap. 7 will deal with why the deteriorating political in-fighting and Republican vs. Democrats causing the disparity between the political parties, Red vs. Blue states and eventually the political and society divided with different beliefs system, and the current alarming movements including violent separatists and insurrectionists that may eventually cause a massive scale of civil unrest and civil war. The remaining three chapters will provide solutions to the problems alluded from the Chap. 2-4. Initially I will present how to clean up our mess. Secondly, I will present the solution of changing our educational system to give equal rewards and scholarships to both athletes and academics and finally the last chapter will show how we can unite our divided nation of two hostile ideals.

Written in Crescent City
Thursday night June 30, 2022

Francis Sangwon Lee, M.D.

How I became a Valedictorian in my High School?

FeaturedHow I became a Valedictorian in my High School?

Wed. April 13, 2022

I was a transfer student in my small all American high school as an eighth grader. I barely spoke any English when I moved from Seoul, S. Korea to a very small farming town in Oklahoma. I did not struggle much with catching up with the rest of the classmates. There were only sixty-nine students in my class. Each period had approximately fifteen to twenty students in the class very much different than in Seoul. I remember we had at least sixty to seventy classmates in one small, crowded classroom with no air-condition or heater. The junior high school in Seoul, that I was placed was right in the middle of downtown of busiest capital city in S. Korea. There were over 3,000 students and I was the student body’s president.

When my parents moved to live in a small farming community in southwestern corner of Oklahoma, about as rural as it could get, I simply fell in love with it. I didn’t spend one minute missing my old school in Korea. I literally fell right into the American rural culture that was still reminiscent of good old days of the U.S.A. The Happy Days on T.V. was exactly how it was. There was a small hamburger and hot dog joint that few students would congregate after school. Most of us walked back and forth from the school. There were plenty of things to do such as drag main in a friend’s car, endlessly going around the downtown burning rubbers and honking at each other. The kids never had a homework and most of them worked after school in various jobs to pay for the car and gas. Many of the kids aged 16 or older already had a serious relationship and knew exactly what they were going to become. They usually would work at an oil field, farming, highway, police, fire fighter, retail shop worker and would marry their high school sweetheart immediately upon graduating. The high school grades and going to college was rarely an option to many.

In our family the education was the number one priority. There was absolutely no question about going to university to pursue higher education. We were told many times by my parents that university is just a start. Therefore, I had to make good grades. My father and mother set the bar higher than any other parents. That was the reality in Seoul, where the competition to become top 1% of the scholastic achievers to gain an entrance to Seoul University hinged on your grades and top scores in the universal entrance exam. We were all used to the idea of studying hard. There was absolutely no question about it.

The public high school education system in Walters, Oklahoma was rather behind from the high school curriculum set in Seoul, S. Korea. The math classes were several years behind and science course was at least two to three years behind. However, the teachers in my small town were fantastic. Mr. Morris and Mrs. Lee were my mathematics and English teachers. They taught me solid math and English with guidance from excellent, well-used free textbooks. The other four classes were science, typing, Spanish and Music. I chose these six classes and avoided any physical education. I knew that I can play football, since most of the athletic students were quite popular with pretty girls. However, I had other aspirations than becoming a jock. I did not like their lifestyle of playing four to five hours of afterschool sports and having football games and basketball games throughout the entire school year. I instead focused on making the grades and working at a variety store and grocery store to save money for university tuition.

I wanted to be the number one student in my class. I had to achieve Valedictorian, the straight A student, usually one or two every year. You also get $500 scholarship from the Lyon’s Club at the graduation ceremony.

There was one girl in my class whose name was Brenda. I will keep her last name from the public for her privacy. She was the biggest competition to my dream. She was making all A’s and took almost all of the same higher-level courses with me. She was taking Typing class with me and was one of the fastest typists in the class since she played piano. She also took advanced English and Math with me and did better. I barely made 93% and she would make 100%. It did not really matter whether you make A or A- for Valedictorian, but she probably deserved the honor more than I did.

The summer that I turned 16 years old, I had to take a free driver’s ed class. This class was surprisingly fun class. I had no idea how to drive then. I always admired my classmates who could drive a car and a motorcycle at age of 14 or younger. Brenda was in my summer class, and she already knew how to drive very well. She was once again going to beat me in this class. She had so much confidence and sneer every time I made a mistake in turning, parking and stopping before the stop sign. My practical exam probably was B if not worse. However, there was a written final exam to prepare for the actual driving permit exam. This final was going to be 60% of our grade.

The driver’s ed teacher was Mr. Fugerson and informed us that one of the main questions will come from reading the map. The teacher did not go over any map reading skills. He just told us to review how to read a road map. He said some of the final exam will cover the map reading skills. Since most of the students thought that they could easily read the map and find the city or town in the map, none of the other kids paid much attention to his warning. However, I absolutely had no clue whatsoever about a map. Therefore, the night before the exam, I asked my father to show me about the map.

Little did I know that a road map had so many important information. It was two hours of lessons that I had never forgotten all my life. My father is an incredibly intelligent man. He has CPA license in Oklahoma and California as well as MBA from Oklahoma City University. Of course, he is qualified to teach college students. He took out a brand-new map that he brought home from a gas station that he owned in Walters, Oklahoma. It was one of those excellent road map folded in multiple ways. It was huge. I never really paid much attention to the map before my father’s elaborate, step by step teaching. He really knew what he was talking about. After he showed me and tested me how to find a city by looking at the horizontal markings and vertical numbers in the state of Oklahoma, he then showed me the distance chart. He told me that all of the major cities are listed in two different columns. Once you know which city you start out from and match the destination city, the matching box had exact highway miles on that box. This was the most important part of all his lessons. Little did I know it at that time, but his small but very precise lesson in figuring out the exact distance would make me the only sole Valedictorian of Walters, Oklahoma.

The next day was the last day of the summer school. It had been the most fun class that I ever took in Walters, Oklahoma. I got to drive the school car with brake pedals in both front seats’ floorboard. Mr. Fugerson had to use it time after time for me and some of my classmates as we drove through the long roads in the county. I almost ran into a lady’s car when I was making a left turn in the country road. I turned my steering wheel way too much to left and literally running into a stopped car at a stop sign. If he didn’t press the brake pedal, I would have hit that car. I still remembered all the places that I drove that small Pontiac or Chevrolet with three of my classmates in the back trembling as I drove for the first time.

The exam papers were passed around. I could sense that Brenda was snickering with her female friends saying that she is going to make 100% no problem. The sixty questions were laid out just like the real test that I would face in the driver’s test. It had many pictures of signs and I had to know which one was Yield and Stop and Railroad. I had to answer many questions about the driving rules and who has the right of the way at four way stop. If the traffic light is blinking, what should you do. Then the final twenty questions were all about how far Oklahoma City from Walters is, Tulsa to Ponca City, Lawton to Tulsa, Ardmore to Temple, Wichita Falls to Moore, Norman City to Stillwater, etc., etc. Mr. Fugerson put 1/3 of the test questions on figuring out the miles from each of the city. You had to know how to read the table to figure it out. Nine out of ten students that summer including Brenda was trying to add the miles by looking at the map itself. They started adding five and ten mile segments by handwriting and adding the ten to twelve different segments. I finished the final exam and had 100%. The rest of them all failed. Brenda made a solid B in the class. This class counted in the entire scheme of grades from the second semester of the 9th grade all the way to the second semester of the 12th grade to calculate who gets the Valedictorian. I had unblemished straight A and A- in all my classes. Brenda apparently had all A’s and one solid B. She became a Salutatorian.

This is how I became the Straight A student among 69 graduating seniors in Walters High. Thanks to my father and his knowledge on reading the map. In life there is a smallest thing that can change a person’s life forever. This is only one of the few examples of how I became the Valedictorian. There are many more things that happened during my four years in Walters, Oklahoma, but those tales are for another segment.

Francis Lee

How to Fix the Homeless Situation Quickly and Painlessly in the U.S.A. in 2022!

FeaturedHow to Fix the Homeless Situation Quickly and Painlessly in the U.S.A. in 2022!

Wed. April 13, 2022 The homeless situation is becoming such a big problem in many cities in the U.S.A., most of the politicians who are running for the government offices nowadays automatically make it the campaign promise number one to get rid of the homeless situation. Their solutions are mostly building low-income housing, giving taxpayers’ money to homeless people to be used for motels and creating more bureaucracy to increase taxes once again. It is a repeat of 2016, 2018 and 2020 campaign slogans. However, the option of building low-income housing units is impossible in this climate of increasing material cost and shortage of builders who are willing to engage in public works. It may take decades to build any sort of low-income housing units. The low-income housing projects almost always failed in inner cities. The people who live there hate it and the surrounding neighbors hated it even worse. The disrepair on top of despair felt within the low-income housing units, and the negative images of the people who live there created a perfect haven for drug dealing and gangs. It’s a failed idea and really dated one. The voucher program to give motel room for homeless had been tried in Orange County, California. It became a nightmare because the homeless people were using the voucher to buy drugs and the motel owners were putting several people in one room to maximize their profits. The city was giving out vouchers for only few days and the rest of the time the homeless people were once again loitering outside. San Francisco tried and failed. Portland is one of the biggest example of failure in policy.

There is a very new idea that has been talked about in many forums. We should convert the existing infrastructure that is not being used for homeless housing. I am talking about numerous empty shopping malls. We have incredible numbers of buildings dedicated for shopping. However, the days of shopping malls are behind us. The big malls are closing fast. The buildings are solidly built and has enough parking lots for everyone. The infrastructure inside includes numerous empty spaces with their own bathrooms and enough space to house thousands of homeless people. People who live in this newly converted shopping malls can be hired to clean the place, create their own businesses by running small convenient stores or grocery stores. The city and state government should encourage the homeless population without serious mental or drug problems to get the right to live in this converted great shopping mall with space and infrastructures that are built to a much higher standard than any government initiated low-income housing. The location is also ideal since most of the mega-shopping malls are located in nice suburbs away from the inner city and slums. The neighbors are far from the shopping malls so that they should not be complaining about low-income housing causing the depreciation of their assets or home prices.

Another great thing about the relocation program for massive numbers of homeless people into the existing shopping malls is that the build-out of the interior can be done very efficiently as easily as putting up another shop. The floors are already carpeted, air-conditioning and heating ducts as well as the bathrooms are already there, and the space is almost limitless. I used to love going to the Cross Roads Shopping Mall in Oklahoma City. I still love going to South Coast Plaza and open outdoor mall at Fashion Island Mall. Here are some interesting stats. As of 2020 we had 1,500 indoor malls and 500 are shuttered. Few of them are in usage for various other venues but most of them are sitting idle. They are completely abandoned. Within the next five years another 25% of the existing malls will shutter their doors due to lack of customers. I can predict that most of the large indoor malls here in California will have to shutter their doors due to rapid reduction of mall shoppers. The people are tired of seeing the same mall shops and the same food courts with same menus. Who really want to eat McDonald, Panda Express, Chic-fil-A and Sbarro in the food courts anymore? We moved on. We like gourmet, unique ethnic foods with quality and smaller portions than the same carbonated beverages with unhealthy portion of salty American Chinese dishes and deep-fried chickens on thick white bread. I believe that the time has come to use the existing infrastructures for what is sorely necessary, additional quality living space for the homeless people who want to live independently, without shame and in a good neighborhood. The government should subsidize these new tenants as long as they engage in productive living, educating their children, working at the job needed in the Mall Housing Units. I think we can make a serious dent in one of the most important and perplexing issues in this country. Francis Lee

My Mother’s Migraine Headache that led me to become a Surgeon!

FeaturedMy Mother’s Migraine Headache that led me to become a Surgeon!

Friday, Feb. 18, 2022

I was ten year old sensitive Korean boy in the midst of impoverished country just waking up from the nightmare of Korean War that began on Sunday, June 25, 1950 and ended up killing over 5 million people. By the time the Korean War came to an end in July 1953 the divided Korean peninsula had suffered unbelievable human and financial tolls. There were rampant poverty, lack of housing, many homeless people, hunger, lack of even the most basic things such as running water, healthcare, schools. People were dying in droves due to cholera, lack of running water causing human fecal bacteria to contaminate the drinking water causing severe health crisis. Within a short span of ten years even in the midst of human crisis, with the help of United States and United Nations and incredible self-perseverance born from the critical needs, the miracle of South Korea began. I and many of my generation of youths survived the era of rebirth of a nation and the wave of optimism, and the promise of better future through sheer hard work and education

My story began when in 1972 I barely reached my tenth year in the capital city of S. Korea. I was the oldest of three children separated by one and three years. My younger brother was 9 and my youngest sister was only 7 years old. Due to my father’s benevolent act of lending all of the savings to his best friend, who was unable to pay him back, my mother lost almost all hope in getting a house. She had all of her hopes in raising her three young children in our own small house in Seoul. She needed a full cash to purchase the house. We were living in a small room rented to us near our school. The room was so small that five of us could barely have enough space to sleep. It was a terrible place, since the old Korean house had one large room rented out to a small academy for after school classes and the owners of the house lived in three large rooms. We lived in a small bedroom with open kitchen attached to the room with absolutely no privacy. There were so many students coming in and out and the owner’s family were always coming and going, my brother and sister had no play ground. My mother saved everything that my father’s meager salary brought once every month. I knew when his payday was when my father would buy us a small treat usually consisted a Korean sweet bread or one donut to share among five of us. Looking back we really were poor. We only had one pair of shoes for one year. We had no T.V. We had no desk. We actually had literally nothing. My mother used to clean our clothes on a rock with cold running water. I used to think how cold my mother’s hands would have been to make rice everyday, wash clothes everyday without any heated water. It was just a cold tap water. Korea at that time was extremely cold. I hate cold weather due to that.

Once my mother realized that all of the money that she had saved were loaned out to my father’s best friend, and there was not even a glimmer of hope of getting the money back, she started having frequent headache. I did not know that it was migraine headache that was so severe that it can cripple a human being. She started taking liquid aspirin. After ingesting more and more of them she got a bleeding gastric ulcer. At that time no one told my mother that Aspirin can cause clotting factors in her blood to become dysfunctional. Her liquid Aspirin for her migraine actually caused her to nearly die from massive hemorrhage. She bled so much that she became completely white as a sheet. Our family doctor came to our house and tried his best to keep her alive but couldn’t. He called around until he got her an ambulance that was so scarce, it was a miracle that we got one. By this time my mother was unconscious. I was the oldest son, so automatically I was told to ride with my mother at the back of the ambulance.

This is where it gets really interesting. I was extremely scared of my mother’s immediate and imminent death. I was too scared to even speak. I needed my father. Unfortunately my father went to the U.S.A. to make more money to buy us a house two years ago and was still there. My mother was raising us single handedly, when this misfortune of gastric ulcer hemorrhage happened. We were lucky that my maternal aunt was able to babysit my siblings, who were 9 and 7 year old. As I stepped out of the ambulance and ran along side of the gurney into the big hospital, my life completely changed.

The clean smell of iodine, alcohol and brilliant doctors and nurses in their crisp, white doctors’ and nurses’ coats with stethoscope mesmerized me. Since none of my family was a doctor or nurse, it was my first face to face encounter with real doctors and nurses. I still remember the name of the medical center, Soon Chun Yang Medical Center. It still exists even to this date.

Luckily for my mother several things happened. She used to attribute it to miracle from God. I tend to agree. The night that my mother was brought into the emergency department, the hospital just had a medical staff meeting that only happened once a month. Almost all of the doctors on staff were in the lobby of the emergency room when my mother arrived. The senior attending physicians came over to the gurney that my mother was on. The rest of fifteen or more doctors came over with him. All kinds of fast acting by the skillful physicians saved my mother. Surgeons started putting major IV for blood transfusion, Internal Medicine doctors started finding out about my mother from me, my aunt and our primary care physician and came to an early conclusion that the liquid Aspirin was the major culprit. The doctors all agreed that my mother was too far gone for any emergency surgical intervention. Instead they decided to give her whole blood. My aunt donated blood. Several other physicians with same type of blood started to giving their own blood. By the time that my mother got full transfusion of the life-saving whole blood from all of these people, she finally came around. It took several days before she woke up from the coma. We all were told at one time or another that it would be a miracle if she survive this illness due to her actively bleeding ulcer that wasn’t surgically curable. However, she somehow survived it and stopped bleeding on her own with just the whole blood transfusions.

The impact of the miracles that these doctors and nurses had on me through my mother’s migraine headache and subsequent life-threatening gastric ulcer bleeding was very big on me. I went to the hospital everyday until she came home. The day that she came home, I was only ten years old, but already my mind was made up to become a doctor just like the ones who saved my mother’s life. It took me 32 years of my life before I became a surgeon. During the entire time that I attended pre-med school, medical school and five years of general surgical residency, not one day had passed without me recalling the day that my mother was saved by these Korean doctors. I still remember quite often when I am working on my patient, who reminds me of my mother on that stretcher. I am grateful to have witnessed the great miracle of what doctors and nurses do everyday. Thank you.

Written in memory of My Dearest Mother, Chan Soo Teresa Kim Lee. The best mom anyone can ask for. I was lucky to have her live until she was 79 year old watching me become a Doctor.

Good Deeds Will Never Go Unpaid: Personal Story!

FeaturedGood Deeds Will Never Go Unpaid: Personal Story!

Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2022

My father was in his early thirties. My parents were struggling with three young children. I was only seven years old and my brother six and my youngest sister four year old. My father worked at a small company as a middle level manager and was saving money to buy us a small home in Seoul, S. Korea. Back in 1960’s and 70’s there was no bank backed mortgage. If one wanted to purchase a house, the entire amount had to be paid in cash to the owner of the house. Due to Korean War’s devastation that destroyed almost all of the buildings and houses, the new construction was scarce. We were living in one bedroom small apartment and five of us shared the small space to save for our future house.

One of my father’s best friend needed a personal loan. He assured my father that he will pay back as quickly as he can with interest. My father gave the entire savings for our future house to him without a collateral or even a document. After a year has passed, the promised payment never came about. His best friend started avoiding my poor father. My mother developed a migraine headache that would eventually cause her to take liquid aspirin leading to her bleeding gastric ulcer.

After four years of waiting, my father’s friend finally told us the truth that he simply used up my father’s entire savings. He came clean after he bankrupted and filed for divorce. His life was upside down. My father gave up on his personal loan and forgave his friend. His friend contacted my father and asked if my father would take all of the books that he bought for his children. These books were worth maybe 1/100th of my father’s loan. However, the friend recognized that my father’s children were good at school unlike his children, who never appreciated these books that he gifted.

My father was very grateful and accepted them as a full payment for his entire loan. One day he brought the following books. Encyclopedia Britannica, entire set of biography of many influential who’s who in the world, including a thick book of people like Churchill, Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, Marie Curie, Nobel, Hemingway, Ford, Lincoln, Washington, Helen Keller, Gandhi, Se Jong Dae Wang, Jin Shi Wang, Te Mu Chin, Einstein, etc, etc. The fiction and non-fiction books as well as the biographies were water in my desert psyche and I drank the entire library at home. It was a priceless gift from the massive fortune that my parents had saved. My mother was obviously distraught and distressed by my father’s forgiveness of the entire money in exchange for the meager books. My father had to explain to my mother how his friend faced a financial ruin. For me this was the best payment ever. I read all of the books that we got.

Now I am looking back and remember that all of my readings from biography of the world famous people taught me invaluable lessons. I still remember at least one major lesson that I learned from each individual biographical readings and used it throughout the entire life.

Little did my parents knew at the time that these meager books for payments would teach their first born the best lessons that paid so much dividends. The few thousands of dollars invested with good faith and good will eventually paid us in many thousand folds. I eventually paid my parents many times over by giving both of them monthly stipends of $1,500.00 for many years.

I still remember fondly the summer vacation times that I would read each and every valuable books kept at our small apartment. Reading and re-reading everything that my father brought from his best friend as the payment for his life-saving loan that was never paid back except by these invaluable books. By watching my father’s benevolent reaction to his best friend’s repeated lying, failures, excuses with complete gentleman’s forgiving attitudes, I really learned a lot about the value of friendship, how to handle the most difficult situations, with forgiveness, unwavered trust in his friend, loyalty and extreme coolness.

Sometimes it takes many years to realize what one’s good deeds may pay back in dividends. Please, do not hesitate to do good deeds. It will pay you back in thousand folds. I can guarantee.

What I Learned from All the Jobs that I had before I was 21 years old!

FeaturedWhat I Learned from All the Jobs that I had before I was 21 years old!

Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022

I was only 14 years old when my father moved us from Seoul, South Korea to the most remote, smallest and truly American farming town called Walters, Oklahoma. This town only had two grocery stores and few convenient stores along with a Dairy Queen and a small dive of a drive-in hamburger joint. As soon as I got there, my life changed to an exciting and lively one. In Seoul, there is no way a 14 year-old can get a job. In America there are plenty of jobs available for a teenager. Immediately my father told me to get a job. Once I got the green light to go to work and make my own spending money, I was like a moth on a lit bulb. I barely spoke any English, but an old lady in our neighborhood needed someone to fill her driveway with gravels. She had all the tools needed. She had a wheelbarrow, gravels and shovel. She pointed out what she wanted me do with hand gestures and few choice words including some rough swear words because I was not doing my job exactly as she told me. I suppose I did OK. After about an hour worth of work, she gave me a five dollar bill. It was my very first job. Since that day I found that there was an opening at a variety store called Armstrong’s General Store. It was a mini version of today’s Target. They had everything. They had different departments such as toy section, lady’s fabric department, bicycles, books, clothes, bedding, Kitchen appliances, etc. I was hired to clean their large back stock room, which was never organized or cleaned for a very long time. I cleaned one shelf at a time and took me probably several weeks until some semblance of organized looks came to the hundreds of back room. The boss liked what I did, so he gave me another job of assembling a display toy bicycles. I had no idea how to do it. I began to read the instructions of how to assemble the plastic and metal bicycle for a kid. It took me two weeks to finish one small tricycle assembly. I learned a great deal of reading a manual.

I began a cycle of cleaning all of the bathrooms for the store, sweeping the entire store every afternoon. Eventually I became so adept at doing all kinds of handy jobs and increased efficiency, the boss, Ron Minton began to send to the second store that his family owned across the street. It was called Minton’s Men’s Store. This was an upscale clothing store for Men as I recall. I had to clean their bathrooms, sweep and vacuum the entire store everyday. My efficiency grew to the point that I was cleaning their windows, bathrooms, entire backrooms and office of both stores everyday after school. I was starting to notice how the saleswomen and salesmen were getting paid so much more hourly wage than I was getting. They were talking about how much they were getting paid and mostly they were stocking the shelves or standing around talking to people. They were not doing much of anything. I asked my boss to give me a raise from $1.35 per hour to $1.50. He reluctantly gave in after I mentioned it several times after one year of working there. I did not like the job at all. It was meaningless and beneath my dignity to clean the bathrooms. So I started to look for another job in the small farming town. I applied as a bag boy and stock boy at a local family owned grocery store at IG&A. I got a raise. I had to work harder and faster. The boss was quite scary. He was demanding and at times very harsh with his words and impatience. I took my job very seriously. The job duty was to answer the overhead page by a cashiers for a bag boy and one of the four stock boys had to run up and start sacking the groceries into a brown bag. You had to be fast to put the right types of groceries into a brown bag, separating cans and dry goods in one bag and putting meats and produces in another. You also had to be careful not to bag too little or too much and sometimes put double bags for some shoppers. Entire time that I worked for them I was very responsive. Eventually all of the cashiers were saying how I was the only boy that responded to their calls for bag boy consistently. I worked five hours every afternoon from 3 p.m. till 8 p.m. and Saturday all day. Eventually I became quite good at what I did. I started doing more of stocking boy and less of a sack boy. I found out that most of the grocery workers were underpaid and uneducated. The coworkers were crude and had nasty habit of being cruel to co-workers. I began to realize that my $1.75 per hour pay just wasn’t enough for what I did. I also asked for a raise with trepidation due to the boss’s intimidating demeanors. However, I did ask for a raise after six months of working there. After a year of working there, my father needed me to work for him at his gas station. I had to quit my job and started working for my dad before I went to school at 6 o’clock in the morning until 7:30 a.m. and then after school from 3 to 7 in the afternoon. The work at gas station was another hardship. I had to pump gas, wash windows, fix tires, fix cars. I also had to study to get a state inspector license. It was a hard work. My hands were covered with grease while changing car oils and fixing tires. I never really got paid from my father. It was a family business and never complained. The customers were quite nice but some of them were not very happy with service at times. I actually did more car washing during Saturday work hours. There were some nasty cars with dirt, oil that I had to take to a local car wash and use coins to wash out all nasty muddy oil caked in undersurface and bring back and use the vacuum to clean the inside of the car for $5. It was a back-breaking work. During the sweltering summer it was hot as hell and during the winter it was so cold in Oklahoma and the work kept our family afloat.

I also had a side job during Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon of mowing lawns for $5. I was able to save enough money to buy a riding mower and a cheap pushing mower. Eventually I had developed enough customers who liked my work for $5 for any sized lawns, that my business grew enough to hire another classmate. I had him to do push mower job for each lawn and paid $1 per hour. He was very happy.

Nevertheless, the multiple jobs that I did during my early school days taught me some valuable lessons that I will never forget. It taught me a lot about what I would never want to do. It taught me mostly what I should never strive to become. I was never going to own and operate a retail store, be a stock boy, salesman, lawn mower man, grocer, gas station attendant, handy man, mechanic, state car inspector, instead I learned to make money with my higher education and skills.

I was exposed various co-workers and customers and employers and employees. The close-up look from the perspective of working for someone, being hired to do a job, getting money from the customers all showed me how hard it was to make a living being an uneducated, laborer doing mindless, meaningless tasks that anyone with low IQ can perform. I learned that I was unhappy working for someone else. I hated working for crude, rude bosses including my own father. I slowly learned a painful lesson in life by working as a teenager in all of these situations.

I never stopped working for any lengthy periods in my life. As I entered the University of Oklahoma as a Presidential Scholar, since I was lucky enough to get a full scholarship to cover for the tuition and books for the undergraduate and medical school, I got a job to work as a medical assistant at the OU infirmary for three years and also worked as an assistant manager at the student store. I also hated working for the nurses and also a manager for a student store. It was busy four years until I became a medical student.

As a medical student I worked for my family again when they had a fledgling donut shop and a dry cleaner. I had to help my parents run a donut shop that was filled with smokers, coffee drinkers and very little profit for long hours of baking unhealthy donuts deep fried in lard and icing. My family eventually sold it to buy a much more demanding but somewhat profitable dry cleaner with shirts laundry business that was going out of business. I had to manage two dry cleaning stores during my medical school years and made some spending money by cleaning shirts for my classmates. I had done a lot of different jobs as a 14 year old Korean boy until I grew up to be a surgeon.

The valuable and unforgettable lesson from all of the labors that I did as a boy was deeply etched in my psyche as I began to mature in my decision making for my career. I began to realize that earning a dollar as a laborer was very hard. The class of people that work in that environment, mainly service industry or manufacturing industry are not very happy and usually uneducated. I saw what I did not want to become. To me that was a great lesson for a young man. It taught me so many, many things. I met a very few great and inspiring and friendly people among many co-workers over the years. However, it led me to pick a career that I would be extremely happy and rewarding. I navigated through many things thanks to my family and mainly my industrious father who came to this country with nothing and built a great life for many of us. By sheer example of hardest working person that I know, he helped me to realize that American Dream.

Now looking back I would never change anything that I had ever done. I am very proud of being a stock boy, bathroom cleaning boy, grocery bagboy, gas station fill’er up boy, greasy car washboy, lawnboy, store clerkboy, medical assistant boy and occasionally church cleaning boy. But all through my boyhood jobs, I knew I will never be called a Boy again. If you have a child or children that you love, please, for their own good, put them to work in all of menial jobs that boy or girl can handle starting at young age.

I encouraged all of my children to start working while they were going through their highschool years. Even though all of my children had piano, clarinet, cello, violin, SAT prep, Korean classes to attend, I insisted that they work at nearby ice cream and Mochi shops. I insisted that they help out at home and do the chores. I believe in the priceless lessons that you learn by working for others in these small jobs. The experience that your children will learn from dealing with other people in the work environment will be more valuable than anything that they will learn from just a school alone. I strongly feel this way. I don’t know about you, but only one way that you can stop this tidal wave of producing “Entitled Babies” that I see all the time. The rich kids syndrome that I am sick of seeing in this country. The real epidemic of unhappy, unappreciative kids who absolutely have no desire to be successful in life, wasting the time with mindless computer internet games, blaming their failures to their parents and other factors other than their laziness, must be put to work in these smaller jobs first. I strongly recommend it.

Authored Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2022

Francis S. Lee, M.D.

Democracy is like the Oxygen to a Creative Fire!-It is something so vital and essential to our lives, we cannot afford to lose it!

FeaturedDemocracy is like the Oxygen to a Creative Fire!-It is something so vital and essential to our lives, we cannot afford to lose it!

Monday, January 31, 2022

During the 1950’s until well into 70’s South Korea had a dictatorship of government. The government was run by a strong president, Park, Chung Hee, who ruled with iron fist. He had absolute control over the military and police. Whatever he wanted to pursue as a governmental policy, he implemented it whether it was extremely unpopular or not. Whoever opposed his policy was put in jail. There was no freedom of speech, written or verbal. Most of the journalists were too afraid to speak out. Few brave ones had been jailed and tortured. President Park had best intentions for his poor country. South Korea just had the most devastating three years of civil war. There were civil unrest and poverty that he had to deal with. He pulled us out of our economic woes but at what cost.

During his autocratic rules there was a complete lack of democracy that we at the U.S.A. and current South Korea now enjoy. I have to list some of the most important things that happened during the two decades of President Park’s authoritarian regime in South Korea. It is so important for us to understand exactly what happened during the time that I lived my younger days.

During the time that South Korea was under a dictatorship of one man, like some of the U.S. citizens are clamoring to have happened with the past president, the election was a joke. President Park would stuff the ballot boxes and create an election for a show. People who wanted to vote him out were arrested, sent to jail, sent to exile, etc. There were always disinformation from the government. No one trusted the information coming from the government. They were fearful of people working for the government. There were spies everywhere. If anyone had any bad thing to say about the government, then a spy would alert the government agency. The people would be arrested for most minimal things and get incarcerated, tortured. Eventually many of the detectives and police got on the act. They just threatened people for possible arrest and get paid handsomely by the fearful citizens. Citizen slowly had enough of the corruption and their dictatorship. The first wave of massive peaceful protest began with high school students and college students. They started with small groups and joined each other at different campuses. Eventually entire nation came together and said enough was enough. The educated people and the youthful students with very little fear for their lives came together. More and more meaningful journalists started writing protest letters and published them. Even with this national movement the autocratic president felt that he had to change the constitution and became a president for life. He started out as a termed president and became a permanent dictator by the time he was assassinated by his chief of the Korean CIA.

One thing that happened during the authoritarian presidency was the stifling of creativity. South Korea was very poor country with less exports than Philippines. President Park made our military as a mercenary unit to fight along the side of the U.S. military in Vietnam to make money. The saddest part of all was that his fear of opposition was so great, that anyone, any artist, movie producer, journalist, book writer, painter, singer, song writer were all detained and discouraged in making any work of fiction or non-fiction that depicted any subject matters pertaining to the situation in government. Even the song by Eric Clapton, “I shot the sheriff” was banned due to its potential call to rise up against rogue authoritarian figure of a sheriff in the song.

The heavy censorship and discouragement of artistic freedom of expression caused the three decades from 1963 all the way to 1980’s to be the darkest days of S. Korean culture. The years after his death and eventual fall of any military juntas in S. Korea caused such a blossom of arts and movies, that the entertainment industry of S. Korea bring more money into the country than any other industry other than the famous electronics by Samsung, et al. The democracy with guaranteed freedom of speech of its citizens is so important in our lives. The democracy is air that we breathe. It is as important as the oxygen in fueling the fire of culture itself.

Do we know the reason why the countries like Russia, China, former Eastern European countries under the various dictatorship and communist rules and Vietnam are all so impoverished? The major reason is the lack of democratic rules that insure its citizens’ freedom to express themselves. The fear that you might go to jail and tortured or killed will stifle the oxygen of creativity, the inventions, arts, movies will be all stifled and die along with the freedom. Look at North Korea. For exactly same genetic pool of people why is South Korea so much more successful? Answer lies in the form of government who is democratically elected and guarantees freedom to its people.

We cannot go back to the authoritarianism. We cannot go back to Kings and dictators. We must educate ourselves and discern the truth from falsehood. There are many who will benefit temporarily from authoritarian government. For those people in power the decision makings become extremely easy. The dictatorship can implement programs with absolutely no checks or balances. Who is going to oppose them? Anyone who has different opinions will be jailed or maimed. There will be no opposition. Look at China. When the authoritarian dictator and government decides to proceed with any stupid ideas such as burning coals for the entire Shanghai industrial belt, nobody can object. Now it is killing over 100,000 of its citizens yearly from pollution related illness.

Wake up people. Freedom is like Oxygen. Once it is gone, you will choke and slowly die. You will become incapacitated. You won’t be able to write anything against the government on social media. You won’t be able to cry and moan against injustice by the government. We must unite in truth seeking, bring justice and honesty to government. We must make our government run by the people. We must all agree to bring justice, freedom, democracy back to our government. We must insist in transparency of our elected officials. We must cry foul every time a government officials and elected people say or do things that are untrue. It is easy when we are protected for freedom of speech in democracy. Only way that we will lose it is if we give it away. By that I mean, if we insist that we cannot carry our own flags of democracy and just give up by becoming ignorant of how the government runs by not voting, not engaging in our government and tell ourselves that we can no longer trust our government. It is the stupidest thing to say that we cannot trust our own government when the government is us. We must not give up on the only beacon of hope in keeping the fledgling democracy flame of the U.S.A. alive and well.

The Slow Decline of Once Great Nation: Entitlement, Spoiled and Blaming Others!

FeaturedThe Slow Decline of Once Great Nation: Entitlement, Spoiled and Blaming Others!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

These three words are the most alarming warning sign of our country’s eventual decline as the top democratic nation which once led the world in combatting the evils of other nations. Once we used to stand up for evil and fought to suppress these ugly human traits displayed in former evildoers such as Nazism, Communism and Authoritarianism. We used language to paint the bad guys and followed up with actions by destroying them. We did not go to these foreign lands to conquer their countries and convert them into our territory. Instead we went to liberate the people to follow our lead without asking for them to give us anything in return. We paid with our lives to fight the dictators and autocratic rulers.

Now the rhetorics that we hear mostly from our leaders and others are, “I am an American and I deserve the freedom to do whatever?” “I am an American Citizen and I have a right to get what I want at anytime.” “I am a citizen of the greatest and richest nation, so I cannot do no wrong.” “It’s everyone else’s fault except mine that destroyed the lives of over 800,000 people.” “It’s those illegals that are coming to this country that is destroying us, not me!”

When I watch the younger generations who are in their twenties and early thirties in various settings, work place, social settings and in the media, in unison they act as if they are entitled for many things. They are entitled to receive free this, free that. Almost all of the time it is about freedom of owning guns, houses, cars, money, etc. They are the ones who are raised by hardworking, money saving parents, who wanted to give their children the best lives that money can buy. While trying to make money, they neglected one thing; spending time with their kids. The greatest generation who fought against the evildoers of the past wanted to give better lives to our newer generation by just giving them things that they do not deserve. Nobody deserves to be given things for free. Our land and country are founded upon hard work, inventive minds, strong beliefs in right and just society with freedom that is earned with our own sweat and intelligence. During the past five decades, we were so focused in making money, we lost our important lessons: spending time with our kids without any distractions and concentrating on their well-being by monitoring them, grooming them, encouraging them to get a Job early on in their youths and make them work hard for their foods, clothes, shelters and goods.

Once we were working away from home and both parents were so focused in making money, spending money on useless things and buying stuffs for our kids to make up for the lack of our truly worthy endeavor in human relationship-spending time and giving them undivided attention, we began to lose our future generations to the evils of Entitlement, then Spoilt them until they started to lament these words of their eventual downfall, “It’s not my Fault!”

It’s not my fault that I am bankrupt. It’s not my fault that I cannot get a job. It’s not my fault that I got fired. It’s not my fault that I am always late. It’s not my fault that no-one wants to date me. It’s not my fault that I don’t have $500 to my name and I am 29 years old. It’s not my fault that I am still in school after ten years. It’s not my fault that I am morally bankrupt. It’s not my fault that I am overweight. It’s not my fault that I am not serving anyone, specially my country. It’s not my faulty that I sedate myself with drugs to forget that I am entitled, spoiled and useless to me and my family and furthermore to my country. It’s not my fault that I am depressed about my being.

As we the nation slowly sink from the top to the bottom of the nations, I watch in horror that once the evildoers were suppressed, now I watch them springing up everywhere like the weeds that I couldn’t kill. It’s time to wake up and start fighting for our next generation of warriors. We should harden them up with giving them the responsibility of survival, earning a living. Teach our kids to take control of their lives by “Giving them nothing but your love, undivided attention, advice, belief in morality, God, higher being and love for our country that stood up to fight for Good.” Stop trying to make money. Start by asking why do we need to buy our kids anything. Send them to work.

How To Make a Difference in this World? Start with the Person in the Mirror!

FeaturedHow To Make a Difference in this World? Start with the Person in the Mirror!

January 3, 2022

One may wonder why things are so bad. We drive by the homeless encampment and people with drug and alcohol problems daily. We are bombarded by bad news from such a news outlet like CNN-Constantly Negative News or FOX-Full of Xhit. Most of the evening new in ABC, NBC and CBC are identical. Once you start watching these news outlet’s constant negative news, you will be depressed as heck.

I ponder about the social situations and the weird political situation that we are facing in America today. I have several professional friends who are highly educated and smart. These intelligent people start spewing out some of the most horrendous stuffs from their mouth and make me cringe. Most of them talk about politics of America as if it really is something that they know about. They believe that the former president won the election but lost because the election was rigged. Majority believe that the vaccines are actually a way for a government to track you. Many of them believe that there are millions and millions of Mexicans and South Americans are invading our country right now.

I listened to many of these weird comments from otherwise very sensible and smart people, and I wondered about the people who believed in cultish figures. I remember those people who were killed in Jones Town. They were literally driven to drink poison by this cult leader, who told them to drink to die. All of the adults forced their children to drink with them and they all died. There was only few who barely survived to tell the horrible tale. I also look at the historical account of the entire brilliant European country, the Germany, in 1930-40’s for whatever reason, they believed and followed a mad man called Hitler. He encouraged and made his people to murder over six million citizens just because these six million people believed in a different religion and belonged to different race.

When I meet these current people who are speaking as if they belong to Jones Town people or part of the SS Hitler squad or even just Make America Great Again type of cultish group, I feel that these people are capable of bringing our great democratic nation to its knees. We are now facing our worst enemy-Ourselves.

If you are about to criticize me or my writing or angry about the government not doing anything about homelessness, social disparity, stolen election, angry about not having enough money to live on, angry about the climate destruction, alarmed about the declining of American Society as a whole, mad about not having the best schools, not having the best of everything, struggling with addiction, alcoholism, not having enough things to wear, no having enough foods, being foul mouthed, alienated, hateful, racism, etc, etc: Please, stand up, go to the bathroom, look at the mirror while standing right in front of it. The person staring back at you is the problem.

We need to wake up from this Matrix of madness brought on by the political evil force. If you look at movies like the Lord of the Rings triology and Matrix four movies, you will see a similar themes over and over again. The main theme is that there is this force of evil that took over the world and few brave people have to unite to bring this evil force down and destroy it. In the Lord of the Rings, the evil force was definitely and easily the evil Lord of the Dark Tower in the Mountain of Doom and in the Matrix movies, the evil force was the Computer Machine and Bots that took over the earth imprisoning the humans for their electrical and thermal energy by keeping them alive and plugged in the computer simulation hell.

I want you to wake up from this dreadful, endless cycle of being told what to think and believe in these news media and their false claims. Don’t be fooled. You are definitely in your own Matrix. You need to choose the Red Pill and swallow hard. Then wake up. Please, reach back of your head and unplug the electrode rod from the back of your head. Start thinking for yourself. Start reading the other side of the view. Start looking at severing the ties from the umbilical cords that you allowed yourself to be attached to. You need get out of the Sect, the Death Cult. Do not be led to believe that our election is rigged. Do not let yourself believe that the pillow guy knows more than you do. Somehow that Supreme Court will bring back our former president and reinstate him as our leader.

If you were selecting one person who can do the job for your business entity or your home improvement project, would you elect someone who cheats on the tax, lies, never show up, blames others, complain bitterly, cheats to get his license, cheated his way to school, had another person take his SAT and dodge the draft by having a falsified letter from a family doctor for a bone spur and mouth disparaging remarks against our own military heroes who died for him and our country, and spew the most alarming accolades to the three most hideous, evil dictators of the world, Saudi Arab Prince, North Korean Kim, Jung-Eun and the President Putin of Russia-our sworn, communist enemy? Instead of hiring this person, I would contact the security guards to remove him from the premise?

I don’t want to argue about many other issues, such as the Tax Cuts, brilliant billionaire, a loving family man, doting father of his daughter, good looking family, so many beautiful mansions, golf courses, buildings, three wives, lawyers and law suits. I just don’t want to hear that. What I know is that he is a Tax Cheater. He hates what we hold the most sacred: American Democracy. He wants to destroy it from within. He wants to topple this democratic system and change it. You may not agree with this statement, but all in all that is exactly what he tried to do on January 6, 2021 almost exactly one year ago. He told his “Storm Troopers” to go and claim the victory for him. Go and do the citizen insurrection and spread the lies about rigged election. His proof is that he was ahead during the early hours of election from counting votes of the people but lost election later that evening when the mailed-in ballots were counted. The recount after recount still gave overwhelming majority of our countrymen and women voting him out of the office. The current president was not popular but much of the votes for firing the existing mad man.

So look at yourself on the mirror and wake up from your slumber. Get off of the Matrix ride and start fresh again. Don’t get yourself all hooked into this madness and cultism. Live your life and start changing from within. Once you make the changes within yourself, you will become so much more American. Let’s get back to the greatness that we were once. Let’s build the bullet train from Los Angeles to San Francisco and beyond. Let’s build multiple Hyperloop that can carry us to the future. Let’s connect Los Angeles to New York City with a Bullet Train system that will go over 300 miles per hour. Let’s work on reading about our country and all of the things that we did until today. Let’s remember how great we once were. Let’s start by helping at least one person in need today.

American Dream: How to Get It Back—-Use the Existing Lotto to Distribute Wealth

FeaturedAmerican Dream: How to Get It Back—-Use the Existing Lotto to Distribute Wealth

Jan. 3, 2022

As the new year begins, I am trying to blog more often and express my thoughts and feelings on the paper as often as I can. It is going to be a therapeutic exercise for my soul. I know that I only have a very few readership. Most of the readers are my children and former students. I am happy that I can reach these very special people. At least they read what I am thinking today.

I look at the rampant homeless situation and the extreme poverty as well as the wealth disparity in America that is slowly eating away our great nation. We Americans should be very proud of many things that we have achieved so far. We are the main engine of innovation, democracy and freedom as an example nation for all the world. Even other free countries such as Great Britain and India envy our free spirit and natural optimism. Also there is the overwhelming American style music culture, movie culture, fast food culture, diner eating culture and great car culture that many of the rest of the world emulate. We were the first on almost all of the important things that affect everyday life.

One of such innovative thing is Lotto. Each state now participate in it. You buy a Lotto ticket once a week with just few dollars and one or two or even few more people get over 100 million dollars as a winner. Now if I was the state commissioner who created this Lotto system, this is what I would have done differently in order to make much better impact on people’s lives.

I would limit the winners’ purse to $1 million dollars and create many tiers of winners starting out at $50,000 up to $1 million dollars. This Lotto will provide a life-changing money to at least 20,000 people each time. More people will participate since you have a much better chance of winning some large amount of cash. I also recommend that the state commissioner takes only 1% of the entire Lotto money and do not charge any tax to the winners. I get discouraged when the Lotto winner is only one person who takes $980 million dollars and have to pay $500 million dollars for the tax. The 979,999 people who participated by buying one dollar ticket goes home without a winning.

With this type of much more democratic way of distributing the wealth, we should have many more people with wealth to spread. We should abolish our current Lotto system which only rewards one or very few winners and give a huge amount of money to the state which really cannot utilize the money in market stimulating way. The state only uses the money to fatten the pockets of the few politicians and aging school systems. The schools are failing our children. The American kids usually score much below the rest of the developing world kids in competition after competition. The American kids usually do very well on sports, which probably won’t help the kids become financially independent. Many of the high school football players do not get to play for college or pro football team. I really think it’s about time that we rethink the Lotto system.

To Live a Better Life and Achieve True Happiness: Focus on the People That Matters to You!

FeaturedTo Live a Better Life and Achieve True Happiness: Focus on the People That Matters to You!

January 3, 2022

As the new year begins, I began to ponder what makes us the humans happy. It is a constant topic of discussion in the media and books. People want to be happier. These days there are many things that promise people to make them happy. Much of the hype is around materialistic things. Such as nice house, boat, cars, jewelry, nice watches, winning a lottery, dream vacation and cruises. I look at Americans in general, they are not as happy even though some still may see the U.S.A. as the richest country in the world. There is a debate about that also. Nevertheless we, Americans, probably rank as top one or two in the world in terms of wealthy nation goes. If what money can buy brings happiness, we should be all ecstatic, happy and feeling top of the world.

The truth of the matter is that Americans in survey after survey proclaim that we are one of the most unhappy people on earth. We complain bitterly and express dismay at how rich people live and most of us are in the rut. Why is that? Even most of the poorest people in America get more that about 90% of the people in other countries. Majority of the homeless people get Social Security checks or Disability checks in the amount of over $1,000.00 a month. That equals over $12,000.00 per year. When you look at the income of most of the countries in the world, it is much less than that amount. Some of us may say that dollar in America doesn’t buy as much as the same dollar in other countries. That may sound true but when you really look into it, the value of dollar and its buying power is almost equivalent throughout the world.

What really boils down to it is that money doesn’t buy you happiness. It may buy you some things that bring you a short term joy for owning and using it, but it will never bring you true long lasting happiness. As a matter of fact the more money you have, less happy you will be. It may be true that there are few exceptions, but most of the people in the U.S. will agree with me that rich people in general are the most unhappy folks.

I am not going to dwell in other people’s misery. I really don’t want to dissect why people are unhappy. However, I want to state my opinion about how to become truly happy. As a human being we are born to be a part of a community. There is a famous saying that “No One is an Island.” This simple statement means that we cannot live alone or furthermore we cannot be happy alone. Many people who loses their significant other becomes depressed, even suicidal. The highest suicide is committed by a spouse who just lost their partner. Having said this, majority of the people in other poorer countries have higher happiness when surveyed. The common theme throughout these surveys show that the happiest people on earth are the people in the countries with close ties with their family and other people in their immediate circle of friends. The Mexicans are very happy people. When you look at how they live, they all live in a close quarter with extended family. They really care about living with their family people. The grandmother and grandfather live with their children and grandchildren in a same household.

As the society and country become richer and more educated, there is a strong tendency to create a nuclear family with fewer children. The big example is the European nations and far east Asian nations. As the society focus on making money and slowly move away from the family oriented one, the happiness scale goes way down. The more advanced and more nuclear family you have and more people are alone, the happiness scale drops way, way below the others.

Therefore, I want to express the solution for your happiness. Try to focus your attention to the immediate family and friends first. Visit with them often, and keep in contact at all times. Become involved in daily lives and affairs of your loved ones. Keep them physically close. You should try to be with your family and friends daily. Keep busy. In order to keep happiness within yourself, do not focus on big political things that you have very little control over. Do not listen to people on media, specially Fox. Cut the cable and save $150 per month. Use that money to create events with your family and friends. Make a nice dinner for them and bring them over. Start living with your family. Truly live. You will be so much happier when you start focusing on your family. Do something together. Walk everyday with your loved ones. Talk with them and play games. Sing with them. Praise them at all times. Go to church with them. Drive them to school and work. Be a part of the family and friends. Play sports with them. Bug them to get up to go morning walk and swim. Do something. Silence the phone and do not take it with you. Silence the TV and get up out of your couch and hold hands with the loved ones. Your happiness will double and triple at no time.

Be happy with your people. Once you focus your life and attention to the loved ones around you, you will be loved back. Do not judge. Vote once a year but don’t focus on politics. It will only drive a wedge between your loved ones. The politics don’t really matter when it comes down to happiness.

My Christmas Wish List for America in 2021!

FeaturedMy Christmas Wish List for America in 2021!

I have a long list of Christmas wish list for this country. I would like to list ten of them to be done by the end of 2021. It is just a dream because it is impossible in the given time to do this. We only have barely 23 days left for 2021. Because it is my wish list, I hope that someday in the near future we can fully realize this dream.

  1. I want to have a bullet train that can safely go up to 300 miles per hour between San Diego to Seattle. It must have multiple tracks and every 30 min. it must start from San Diego and also back from Seattle and must stop at all major cities in between including Crescent City in Norther California.
  2. I want all homeless people to be helped and the cities across America will have zero homeless population.
  3. I want all of the drug abusers, drug dealers and drugged out people to be admitted to free drug rehab centers across America where they can be helped free of charge and maintained free of drug for the next ten years.
  4. I want all people in America to volunteer their talents, time and efforts to become fully informed of our country, constitution, government, and help others in needs. For starters any one who is 18 years or older should be able to commit two years of their time for national service and get paid a minimum wage to volunteer to clean up the city, serve as a peace corp volunteer, or learn a trade.
  5. I want a Hyperloop Transportation System set up between Los Angeles to New York City to travel at 700 mph.
  6. I want safe and reasonable gun control laws and give safety lessons to all gun owners and register all guns and set up a check point for all public facility to be free of any guns. It is permissible to own a gun as long as you have a license to show that you attended the safety course and psychology testing and has a license to own a gun of your choice. However, if you have a criminal records, mental issues, cannot pass the gun safety course and psychology testing, you cannot own a single gun.
  7. I want all of the illegal immigrants to be given a citizenship test and strict back ground check and given five year permit to live freely with green cards and if they pay taxes, never commit a crime, given a chance of becoming a citizen. However, our border must be closed for any illegal crossings or illegal aliens. Only people who will be given a high bar of admittance will be for humanitarian reasons without exception. For any economic hardship, the border is closed.
  8. I want all Americans to have equal access to health care, higher education and freedom.
  9. I want 100% of Americans to participate in election process. Make it a holiday for election and must vote that day. Only mail-in ballots available are for overseas military and expats and people in facility. All people including prisoners and others must have equal ballots. If you don’t vote, you pay double the tax.
  10. I want all elected officials to pass minimal qualifications in education, literacy, psychiatric testing and competency testing before they can put their names in the ballots. It must be a fair testing and fair election process. Any and all elected officials who lie must go to jail without exceptions. Any and all elected officials must be paid minimum wage during their tenure but give them excellent benefits only. If any one tries to give them money for whatever reasons, they should go to jail.

Oh, and I have one other wish. It should not be included in the top 10 but it is as important. I wish that Americans will put their money behind the smart and intelligent kids by establishing a public trust funds for scholarships for extremely smart kids. They should be able to apply by testing. Not like SAT or ACT or PSAT or any of these tests. They should have a national competition like written tests, verbal tests, math tests and competition and if they win the merit based tests, they will get a choice to go to any of the university of their choice for first two years. If they continue with excellent grades, they should get a full ride with all paid tuition, housing and meals. These people should be limited to 1% of all college entering numbers and these top 1 % must be supported in order to make this country one of the smartest people’s paradise. Don’t dumb this country down any more with athletic scholarships that pay more than the educational scholarships for intelligent and gifted and talented youths.

Thank you for your continued reading of my blogs. Have a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

How to clean up our cities and the homeless crisis? My Opinion!

FeaturedHow to clean up our cities and the homeless crisis? My Opinion!

Over the years I have watched in horror how our big iconic cities have battled the homeless situation and slowly started losing the battles that were fought valiantly. Now it is time to regain the upper hand in this situation.

We currently have all of the armamentaria to fight this long and drawn out battles against homelessness and deteriorations of the big cities due to uncontrolled homelessness situation. We just have to use the tools that we already have at hand. It takes lots of work and some creative solutions, but the war on homelessness can be won with ease if we had the will.

Each city should have laws at hand against vagrancy, drug use, public disorderly conducts, public disfigurement, dumping, etc. We the citizens must rise up and demand that the new mayors and police chiefs as well as the judges and other resources on the government payrolls to do their jobs. This is how we are going to win this war with the following series of battles.

First we have to create a five buildings with the specific purposes. First building will be the court house specifically designed to have ten judges solely given the right to preside over the following cases: homeless, vagrancy, public dumping, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, drug use, drugged out, public defacement, drug dealing, etc. The person who is homeless and camps out in public land must be brought to the judge. The judge will have a sole right to decide on the fate of these individuals. One thing that the judge and the charged people cannot do is to have a longer than 24 hours of delay in judgements and jury trial. It must be expedient and will have one appeal for the judgment as a right if the charged person wants to appeal. The appeal court will convene in 24 hours after the first judgment. The judges will have a full power to impose the following judgment and punishment. If you are vagrant, cannot afford the housing and is homeless, you must be incarcerated and sent to a public housing in the second building.

Second building will have a dynamic social workers in thousand small offices. They will have one director to oversee the thousand social workers. The second building will offer the following services. For the homeless person with mental problems, the person will be sent to the mandatory in-patient free evaluation by a professional psychologist and psychiatrist for six weeks. After the in-patient six weeks the person will have the option of serving out the sentence in public works program or be in-patient for the duration of the sentence to get fixed from mental illness or drug addiction or learning the new skills that are set up by the empowered social service worker. Each homeless person will have one social worker assigned to him or her.

Third building will be an in-patient hospital for mental disorders. Anyone who has a mental problem which requires in-patient treatment, counseling, hospitalization, medications and on-going therapy will have a free treatment in this facility. It will be mandatory for the patient to be treated with dignity and care by the staffs who are paid by the state.

Fourth building will be the drug rehab program. This will be a facility that is free and in-patient and job training program in one building. All drug addicted person found to be guilty of dealing in drugs, using drugs and found to be drunk or drugged out or have a possession of illegal drugs will go through the initial counseling and mandatory in-hospital assessment and in-patient drug detoxification, rehab program and must be enrolled in close monitoring system that will not allow them to relapse. All of these patients who have been found guilty of their drug abuse crime will have to be treated by the rules set up by the head psychiatrist and show improvement in order to get out of the in-patient facility and for each day that they used as an in-patient, the able person must serve the country in a public service for the exact amount that they used the facility starting the first day of arrest and incarceration. If the entire arrest and treatment took one year, they must serve one year for cleaning the streets of the city that they were arrested. They must be kept in a confinement with daily urine check for any drugs for the period of public service and once they paid their time in public service and stay clean throughout their time, they can be released to the society with appropriate help to sustain themselves in the future. Anyone with relapse or fail the drug test will start the initial process all over again in order to pay back for their drug crime.

Fifth and the last building should have the strict housing for all of the homeless people who are not incarcerated for any crimes. These are women with children, man with financial downfall and free spirited people who like to camp on our street. Anyone who owns a property, pays the rent or doing business in our city or neighbor can report a homeless person and have the police arrest these people and decide whether they have committed any crimes. If the homeless person did not commit the crime, they will be sent to the Building No. 5. This fifth building will have social worker assigned to each person or family. This social worker will be assigned and never be replaced unless the social worker retires. The same social worker will have certain case loads and that will be it. The government must provide jobs to all of the social workers and pay them good salary and give them benefits and limit the work load for excellent service.

We have the money and law as well as the power to do this. We don’t need to look anywhere else except into our conscience to empower the existing mayor, law enforcement agency and social workers as well as all of the psychologist and psychiatrists to do their jobs to make this happen.

The final things that we must do is to volunteer to clean up our cities and also empower these incarcerated homeless people to perform the public duty to clean up our neighborhoods. We must utilize their untapped talents and labor to clean up our streets. We must resurrect the spirit of Americanism to reclaim our lost battles in these cities and in our neighborhoods without fear.

This is just my opinion.

Earned Money vs. Given Money

FeaturedEarned Money vs. Given Money

Oct. 26, 2021

It has been a few months since I wrote last. I was busy trying to make a living like everyone else. I actually have a job. Ever since I was 14 years-old, I had a job. I never had a long period without a job. During my highschool years I had four different jobs. I worked at Armstrong’s Variety Store cleaning the backroom, stocking, assembling the display case, cleaning all of the bathrooms and then I moved on to a better paying job at IG&G grocery store making $4.25 per hour after a raise. I worked there for nearly three years while attending the high school making good grades. I also helped my father at his business for free and cleaned a local Methodist church. Eventually I began to mow lawns for several people for $5 per lawn. My price and quality of work was so good that several local churches hired me. Eventually I graduated from the high school and went on to the University. While still a freshman, I began working at the student store as an assistant manager. I worked many hours and loved it. During my four years at the University I had three jobs. I worked at the student store and also got a job at Goddard Health Center as a student medical assistant cleaning the instruments and doing clerk work as an assistant to the nurses and doctors. Eventually I started delivering donuts during the early hours of the day. I had to juggle a lot to meet the demands of the University work and my jobs. I was very much driven to pay for my living expenses, gas for my car and save enough money to give my parents all of the saved money.

Over the years I worked as hard as I did growing up, I began to notice the difference in money. The $5 money that I earned mowing an old lady’s house next door as a 15 year-old boy meant so much to me, since it was my very first earned income from having my own business. The hourly wages that I received from working at Armstrong’s meant just little less. Every two weeks or so I got just over $100 for working 20 hours per week with $3.15 per hour. I did not know at the time but there are many different kinds of money. I initially thought that whatever dollar I possessed in my wallet was exactly the same thing with same value. However, the years passes and the earned money and given money started to accumulate, I started seeing the stark difference in two different kinds of money.

The money that was given to me for my sweats and hard work along with my skills that are appreciated is so different and so valuable that I began to take care of it. When I earned these dollars, I kept them intact and used them sparingly. I kept them hidden in the bank’s deepest vault and only took them out to pay for essential things and investments. These money started having their children and grandchildren and all of a sudden, I had many generations of good investments. I still cherish these money that I made with my own hands’ work.

There are other money. The money that I received from others not by working hard for it, but being lucky. These are gifts, quick return on lucky investments and occasional few dollars from playing games or gambling in Las Vegas once every five years or so. One time I received a chunk of cash for just being a building owner where the corporation refinanced the building. The easy money that I called them are very different than the earned money. The given money is easy money. I never really worked for it. I never expected them and the value of the easy money did not register in me. I wanted to spend them quickly. I wanted to invest them without due diligence. Eventually I lost much of the easy money by entrusting them with very risky people, who just used all my money without paying any of it back. It was a very painful lesson to me.

I see this happening too often around me. Many people are in love with easy money. For example during the Dot Com boom many people got easy money given to them by first time investors using the Internet and the alluring promise of something great. Many investors along with the Dot Com billionaires lost everything when it crashed. Once again the 2001 run up of the real estate boom brought on by the billions of dollars pouring in from the Wall Street to the every corner of this country in Sub-Prime debacle which made $500,000.00 free capital gains for many who lived in a house for two years and sell it to the next buyer with Sub-Prime loan until the bubble burst in 2008 crash. I know personally seven or eight people who lost everything from the easily given money during this time. During the most recent crisis caused by the pandemic of Covid 19 virus created lots of new easy money given to some of the people as a form of stimulus check. I know several of the people who got this easy money from the government. These money don’t last. They are not used to create more money. They are quickly spent on useless things. The easy money doesn’t make you work harder. It just makes you lazy and more dependent. The children who got easy money from their parents become very much bored, without a goal or ambition to get ahead and later fails in attaining their own wealth.

For me this is a never-ending story of how our perception of money can dictate how careful you are with your spending. This makes all the difference. I know that they are few exceptions to this. However, for many more this rule does apply. It was a long and hard lessons to learn over the years, but it is crystal clear to me that the earned money is much more valuable and will not be wasted. We should all strive to keep this simple wisdom in mind and never really hope for any easy money or hand outs.

How to Bring Back our Country’s Health?-Quantity vs. Quality: Solution to the Obesity & Sickness of the U.S.A.

FeaturedHow to Bring Back our Country’s Health?-Quantity vs. Quality: Solution to the Obesity & Sickness of the U.S.A.

To all Americans, who enjoy buying in bulk quantity of groceries, household items, medications, shopping on-line, eating out at the fast food restaurants, now it is a good time to look at the Quantity vs. Quality issues that are literally destroying our health in the U.S.A. Americans can take credits for many things that are creative and good for the world, but sometimes too good of a thing can come back to haunt you and may turn to something very destructive. Here are the issues at hand.

It all began with the most famous hamburger franchise called McDonald’s. This small restaurant in California was started by Dick and Mac McDonald selling 15 cent hamburgers with 14 franchises later became the most successful franchise fast food restaurant with billion burgers being sold worldwide. McDonald then came up with the idea of selling more burgers and fries with “Supersize” concept. It was a brilliant idea to sell more and increase the bottom line, but it did more than that. The Supersize meals from McDonald slowly transformed us consumers to want more and bigger things whether we needed it or not. The rapid rise of the obesity epidemic correlates very well with the amount of foods we consume. In parallel to this trend the quality of foods that we eat declined rapidly. The U.S. consumers voted with their wallet that we wanted Quantity instead of Quality. Majority of the restaurants now serve larger portions. It is affecting the small children with obesity problems permeating into most of the homes. The culture of preferring cheaper quantity with less quality translated into the success of Walmart and Sam’s Clubs and Costco. We gravitate to the shops that sell goods with cheaper prices and larger quantity.It is staggering how much we spend our money to buy cheap, poor quality goods for their quantity. Due in part that we buy poor quality of goods, we do not value our purchased goods and foods. We throw away most of our foods spoiled and half-eaten, and our trashcans are filled with boxes, packages and cheap plastics that are used just once or twice. We take sheer pleasure out of owning many cheap things and also throwing away many of the things quickly in order to purchase newer, cheaper ones.We became a gluttonous society.

We should pause and look at our behavior. We wear cheap clothes, health is declining, obesity is everywhere, diabetics are too numerous, our healthcare costs are highest in the world, all because we embrace the Quantity instead of Quality. As the majority of the people feed their unquenchable cravings brought on by supersized meals that stretched our stomach, the vicious cycle of the deep hunger for more junk foods create the inevitable obesity and the related diseases. The fastest growing elective surgeries are “Sleeve Gastrectomy!” Now the health insurance companies are actually paying for obese people to cut out a large portion of their stomach to facilitate weight loss. The bad news is that many who had the various bariatric operations regain their weight back within the first few years. We have to realize that the solution for obesity is not to cut out our stomach or bypass our intestines, but stop eating. We have to stop the madness and feeding frenzy that reminds me of the crocodiles going after the rotten carcass of dead Hippo in the African river.

The solution to the obesity epidemic is rather simple.The very first step is to look at the calorie counts of all of the foods that we consume. Counting calorie cannot be simpler. All restaurants have calorie counts listed along the food items. Usual rule of the thumb is that you should not eat more than 600 to 700 calories of foods at one meal. You should be incredibly honest and precise in counting calories. Also before purchasing any food items, know the quality that you are buying. You should always research to buy the free range chickens, organic foods and eco-friendly foods. Also try to cook your own foods. If you are too busy and do not have the time, then have your foods delivered and divide the portion into thirds and just eat that reduced portion. Once we train our stomach to the less quantity and higher quality of foods, losing weight is simpler and easier.

We should also apply the Quality and not Quantity philosophy to everything in our lives. Let’s start with the shopping for clothes. Instead of buying three or four pairs of cheap jeans that goes out in style and loses its newness appeal, buy an excellent, pricy, great quality clothes that will last you twenty years. We should look at our shopping as an exercise of research and patience. We should take our time for every purchase that we make and stall our own idiotic impulses. Stop buying things impulsively on the spot just because you can return them later. Your time is much more valuable than that. Do not buy if you thing you will return them. You are wasting your most valuable commodity, your Time. Your time cannot be returned to you.

We should hang out with people who value Quality Products. We should purchase things from the stores and manufacturers that sell quality products instead of quantity. Stop wasting your money on things that are fashionable but temporary. We should get out of the consumerism addiction mode and embrace an intelligent research based shopping. Always make a list of the things that you may want or need and research for many days and then go back to the list and read them out loudly to see if you still want them. Then it is not too late to wait a few more days. Do not Buy Impulsively. Do not Buy because you are saving money. Do not Buy just because you have Free Return. Do not Buy because it is on Sale. Do not Buy on Black Friday. Think and think again before buying another set of shoes, dresses, watches, jeans, cars, golf sets, etc, etc. You Don’t Need Them. Stop the Addiction to the Cheap Stuffs.

Then, only then we can cure ourselves of Obesity, Diabetes, Anxiety, Poverty, Sickness, and finally embrace the Health that only comes with Quality Foods and Products and People.

Thank you for reading

How to Get Our Country Back as the United States of America? Education of Our Youths To Be the Patriotic Leaders of the Future America!

FeaturedHow to Get Our Country Back as the United States of America?  Education of Our Youths To Be the Patriotic Leaders of the Future America!

Our country is in deep trouble and heading into a downward spiral right now. We are heading toward a doom and inevitable end of the most important era , during which time the de facto we the good guys and protector of all great things such as Democracy, Human Rights, Creator of the United Nation, United States of America, the People’s Republic, Country created for The People, by The People are now going through rapid decline into a thing of the past. What is really bad is that The People, who are the descendants of the original creator of the only descent example of the free democratic union are forgetting what it meant to be Free and Proud. There are so many active despots, thugs, criminals, authoritarian dictatorships proliferating all over the world under our very own eyes. We see the inhumanity in Russia, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Brazil, Afghanistan, Belarus, China, Myanmar and the list goes on and on. The cries of people of Hong Kong, and the ethnic minority Rheingans of China are not heard and not acted upon by us, once the greatest defender and warrior against injustice. We, the U.S.A., threw down the gunlet for the communist take-over of Korean peninsula and sent tens of thousands of young men and women to fight in Korean War that made the free South Korea , now thriving under the democracy copied from our constitution. We the proud U.S.A. sent hundreds of thousands of young men and women during the Second World War to protect the democratic allies of Europe and fought against Hitler’s Nazi and Mussolini once called Il Duce, the fascist leader and won the Greatest War to make the free European Union of today. We the U.S.A. sent airplanes loaded with foods, clothes and delivered the hopes and dreams of freedom and liberty for millions isolated by the evil Soviet empire behind the barbed fence of Berlin Wall with the Marshal Plan and kept their hopes alive and well until our President, Ronald Regan, beat the Soviets and dismantled the Soviet Communism Empire as a result.

Now let’s focus on the present. What happened to the greatest country of all time? Our modern day empire and de facto the Police Nation for the World has deteriorated to the point that other country leaders were laughing and mocking our president during the speech in the UN. We began the slow decline in our status as the world leader to isolated, selfish rich country. We began the journey of isolationist policy, closing our borders, limiting the immigrants, denying human rights abuse so blatantly seen by all others, labeled the human rights reporting as the fake news, made Putin of Russia and Kim Jung Eun of North Korea as respected strong leaders and our former president called them his beloved friends. Our political leaders openly admired the military parades of these despots and dictators. We forgot and lost our country’s noble mission. We began to forget what it meant to earn and keep the freedom. We forgot to spread the spirit of Democracy to the rest of the world. We began to be passive, deserting our friends and allies in trouble, running away from any conflicts, in fear, afraid to engage against our enemies. We essentially became a Cowardly Nation, afraid to confront Saudi Arabia in killing one of our own permanent resident in our own soil.

I don’t want to name who, what and why for the decline. I am not here to analyze and criticize. I am here to delineate the true state of our country and suggest a practical solution for the future.

Here is my solution. It is one of many but please hear me out. There are countries like S. Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Switzerland and others who demand certain service from their youths. I know S. Korea very well. S. Korea has a policy set in motion since 1958 for all young men aged 21 years or older to serve for 21 months in their military as conscript. This is a mandatory unless you belong to a religious group who does not condone violence and military service. Then you are delegated for three years of public service in prison as the cleaner, cook, doctor’s assistance and in nursing homes.

Like these countries we have to demand certain services from our youths. All men and women aged 21 years or older until they are 35 years old, our country must demand two years of public service. The public service can be divided into military and non-military service. Once you enroll into this public service duties, you are paid at minimum wage but the duties must include six months of civic and history lessons with exit tests before the youth can join the actual field work. The conscripts must perform the military duty and learn the responsible usage of fire arms. The ones that volunteer for public service are assigned to fire fighting, working to clean the environment, build housing for homeless people, teach the underserved children, deliver foods and take care of our elders in nursing homes, and perform the all of the duties that are needed in our country. The civic and history lessons as well as the public service will put our youths from different social class and ethnic groups to meld together creating equal opportunities to learn from each other and respect each other’s cultural diversity and creating united people with common goal of becoming the future leaders of our democracy. The youth conscripts can serve to unload all of the social works that are in desperate shortage. The youth conscripts can be directed to build the infrastructures that are failing and by doing so we can accelerate the building of our railway system to meet the 21st century standard of 350 mph bullet electrical train, finishing the I-5 interstate highway, which has been in repair for the last fifty years.

With our youths serving our military we can create the most powerful military force with trained reserve units with intelligence and patriotic spirit united in the common goal of serving the needs of our nation and all of the people in the world who are hungry, impoverished, ill-educated, maltreated by their own governments. We can go to our nearest neighboring countries like Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala, where the parents cannot feed their own children and sending the minors to our southern border with Coyotes, who charge thousands of dollars. We can send our public servants to help with farming, teach them to read, write, and build their infrastructures so that the parents and children do not have to become the refugees and forced slaves of the Coyotes. We can solve our immigration problems immediately by going to the source. We can solve our inner city’s gangs and homeless problems immediately. We can solve our youths’ rampant drug problems immediately. We can solve our broken infrastructure problems almost immediately. We can also solve the urgent problem of fixing the broken spirit of our youths, and instill in them the maturity, goals, aspirations, pride and social responsibility.

I asked different youths at work and in social settings about my solution. Almost all of them are in agreement with my solution and echo that their schools do not introduce them the needed civic lessons. None of our youths know about the elements of our constitution. As a result, the majority of our youths do not care about the politics of today. Many are disassociated from the current state of our nation so divided in multiple fronts: Wealth Divide, Political Party Divide, City and Rural Divide, North and South Divide, Blacks and Police Divide, White Nationalist and Antifa Divide, and Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine Divide, etc, etc. We must work together to empathize with the opposing people. We need a social platform to bring everyone with the common goals to serve the needs of our nation. We need to earn the right to live in the free society that our heroes of the glorious past had built with their blood and guts. We cannot run away from our obligations as the people in the luckies and freest society of all. We need to teach our youths and other countries about the truth about Democracy and Liberty. Let’s start by teaching our kids first. Let’s build our mandatory Two Year Civil and Military Service Department for our future.

Thanks for reading. Follow me at or twitter @francisslee1 and facebook My Belief 2021 Page,,

Why I Love My Tesla?

FeaturedWhy I Love My Tesla?

April 20, 2021-6:35 a.m.

I love my Tesla. I had it since 2015. It is a black sedan Model S with tan leather seats and almost all of the possible upgrades available at that time. Because it was a first generation of Tesla and it is now six years old, of course it doesn’t have the range like the ones that they sell now. However, even now I discover new technology in this older car that surprises me each time. Let me give you some examples.

First of all the car has a voice recognition that surpasses any other voice recognition software that I have used in the past. I used Dragon dictation system for the records at my work, and the IBM produced software rarely recognizes any of the common words well. It has no capability of learning different words and rarely self-corrects. However my Tesla will initially spell something incorrectly as I speak and then corrects itself when the full sentence is typed out. Not only does it correct itself, it automatically acts on the corrected command. It is so intuitive. When I want a Chinese restaurant nearby where Dim Sum is served, it will find it in the website and lists all of them and show how long it takes to get there and the mileage and power that it will take to get there and back to my home address. It also gives you the capability of choosing to call the particular restaurant so that I can speak with them to make a reservation. In one step I can also make the restaurant a favorite place on my navigation.

Let’s talk about all of the advantages of owning Tesla now. There are way too many benefits of owning this marvel of a car, but I will try to list them all. The car is extremely quiet. There is no need for oil change. There is no need for transmission oil or any transmission repair problems. There is no radiator or radiator related hoses, so that you don’t have to worry about a leak of radiator fluid. There is no need to brake the car constantly. You only need to apply the brakes at 5 mph before it brings the car to a complete stop. This means that you don’t need to change your brake pads ever. This happens because Tesla cars have an option for you to choose to brake regeneration feature that slows down the car by creating electricity with resistance of the motor when you step off of the accelerator until 5 mph. The regenerative back braking feature works very well. When you have the feature on, the car will automatically slows down while giving back some electricity to the battery. There is no need for monthly payments for cellular data. There is no cost to charge the car at the multiple Tesla Supercharging stations all over the map. Unless of course you keep your car parked at the Supercharging station even after your car is fully charged. Then the Tesla app on your phone will alert you for potential charges for every minute that you keep your car too long. Tesla has a super big back up camera so that you can see clearly what is behind you. Tesla has a capacity to recognize that you may have a pet inside the car and at certain temperature it will cool off the car automatically. It is also programmable to start the car’s heater or cooling to have it at perfect temperature before you get in. If you forgot your key fob, you can open the doors with your mobile app in your phone. It happened many times in the past. I even had the key fob inside my jacket and closed the doors and locked it inside. I was able to open the door with my phone app easily. The very first time that I did that, I was quite anxious. However, now I don’t worry about locking my key or forgetting it since I have a phone app. In the phone app I can actually see exactly where my Tesla is parked and whether it has enough battery power to get to my next destination. I can actually program my Tesla to open up my garage door automatically and pull out so that I can easily get into it. My Tesla will automatically park at the parallel parking space with a just touch on a screen. I can write a memo to myself as a reminder using the touchscreen or voice commands. It also has a GPS memory to raise or lower my car’s height at certain locations. I go to a particular restaurant with high concrete block for the front tire stops, I just raise the height of the car and keep it in memory. Next time it will raise the height when I am parking. The Teslas all have incredibly fast acceleration. It beats even the fastest internal combustion engine cars such as Ferrari or Porsche even Bugatti. The Tesla cars rarely needs any services. However, once you need a service, most of the repair can be done over the internet or a technician will come to your house. I even had one of the door handle mechanism repaired at my house. It is incredible how many things that Tesla does that no one really knows. There is no annoying oil drop or red indicator lamp that comes up for check engine. The entertainment system is so intuitive that I can ask for one particular artist and it will pull up from Slacker music library any song that you want to play. It even connects to my Spotify account and has all of my list of music playlist and will play automatically with touch of a button.

I am in love with my Tesla. My next car will be once again another Tesla. I am waiting for a breakthrough in battery technology so that I can go 800 miles with no recharge. I want Tesla to have the Metal Hydride battery in the near future. I will keep my current Tesla for as long as I can. The Tesla car keeps its value and they honor the battery life at 80% of its full capacity for 8 full years. So I can be safe until then. When the new powerful battery comes out after the 8 years, I can easily change my battery pack for less than $5,000.

The biggest and best of all of my favorite Tesla’s benefit is that I don’t go to the gas station every week and wait in line for the fossil fuel that will generate pollution and climate changes.

Thank you for reading.

The Best Drug that We All Need: The Solution for the Narcotic Addiction Crisis in the U.S.A. 2021 and Beyond

FeaturedThe Best Drug that We All Need: The Solution  for the Narcotic Addiction Crisis in the U.S.A. 2021 and Beyond

There is an epidemic of drug use that is eating away our country. Year over year the opioid epidemic is the most deadly killer of our talented youths and most creative people. The alarming fact is that for the past ten years the opioid overdose death has increased significantly year over year. In 2019 there were over 70,000 deaths attributed to drug-involved overdose including illicit drug and prescription opioids. If one looks at the trends and numbers of opioid drug related deaths year over year from 1999 until 2019, the ever increasing graph is very alarming.

The death related to drug overdose only tells a small portion of the biggest problems that we face today as a nation. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that 19.7 million American adults aged 12 and older battled substance use disorder in 2017. The younger aged population is using drugs at an increasing rate. The same study reports that 1 in 9 Americans (11.2 percent) used illicit drug in the past 30 days and 1 in 4 young adults aged 18-25 were current illicit drug users. We live in an addicted society. 

This data is not only a wake-up call, but if this trend continues in the same upward curve seen in the last twenty years, our nation will face the same challenges that China once had in its opium crisis, which brought the end of monarchy and ushered in the era of totalitarianism and eventual communist government. When the citizens are sick, the chance for the opportunistic few with bad intentions and/or the power-hungry foreign countries can and will have an easy opening to control our weakened state. 

There are many reasons for our youths and older adults who embrace the drug culture. The good parenting skills with essential close monitoring by the loving parents of our youths are lacking in many homes. The open communications and frequent interactions by the parents are mostly absent in our busy lives that we lead today. Then there are rampant prescription drugs given out by the medical professionals to the public who wants a quick fix for the chronic and acute pain, whether it’s physical or emotional. The dependency on prescription opioids are rapidly increasing. In California the government has stepped in to curve this steep rise in prescription opioids crisis by limiting the number of the prescription narcotics prescribed by the physicians by implementing strict guidelines through a state mandated Cures program. The pharmacists with the assistance from the state wide internet connected program can monitor how many narcotic prescriptions that the particular patient filled in the past. In order to minimize the accidental overdose and death from it, there are some non-profit organizations such as the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) who is leading the national drive to reduce drug overdose deaths by promoting sensible, evidence-based solutions at the state and federal level. Already many of the Emergency Medical Technicians and firefighters and first responders carry an injectable Narcan which reverses the narcotic effects immediately to save the lives of the accidental and intentional overdose victims. 

The measures that are finally undertaken by various government and NGO are bearing few fruits but the solution is too small and too late. The vicious cycle of recreational drug use such as marijuana, ecstasy and speed and the ease of which to get stronger drugs from both the street and from the doctor’s office, the availability of purchasing oxycodone, heroine, crack cocaine and methamphetamine are overwhelming the small and belated measures such as the Cures and Methadone Clinic etc. 

I suggest the following two solutions to this epidemic. I believe that the solutions lie within our family and ourselves. There is a task that all family must adhere in order to combat the drug epidemic. The parents must unite in order to reduce and stop the rampant drug culture of our youths. Parents must engage in every social activities of your children and keep them busy at many of healthy activities. Many parents are now realizing that double income family chasing after the illusive wealth and benign neglect of our children eventually led to unhappy and unmonitored youths, who are more attached to the friends and social media and other bad influencers, eventually trying out the recreational drugs including ever present cigarettes, dopes and hard drugs at the party. The lack of true and open communications and strict but loving parenting and guidance must start from stable home with communal living. We have to get back to that so that our family has a safe wall and secure parameter against the intrusion of bad elements eating away the souls of our neglected and lost children.

The second solution is the new type of drug to substitute the existing inferior kinds. This drug is free. This drug will never cause you to lose your life. This drug is something that you cannot overdose. This drug is safe and non-addictive. This drug is something that you cannot buy. This drug is our inherent Endorphin. The Endorphin is a group of peptides secreted within our brain and nervous system. Only way that you can generate these Endorphins is by exercising. If you run at least three miles a day, you will start releasing the Endorphins as you run the fourth mile. The Endorphin high is equivalent or better than any street drugs according to the athletes, who have experienced both. The narcotics such as heroine and methamphetamines have bad side effects and deteriorations of your physical and emotional being. The Endorphins have absolutely no side effects whatsoever. It is the type of drug that you feel when you first fall in love. The euphoria of the Endorphins must be earned with hard work. If you swim at a rapid pace until you feel like you are literally dying and all of a sudden you feel the exuberance of the inner Endorphins wash over you, you will know that you have earned the Endorphins. It will make your body relax, euphoric, calm and make you feel like you can swim miles and miles. Same with any exercises that may bring the Endorphins into your body. You have to exercise hard for over ninety minutes and really sweat before you feel the euphoric rewards from the Endorphins. However, this is the best drug in the world. It only rewards you with its excellent effect if you earn it with exercise. We must embrace our inner Endorphins and learn to get more by doing more constructive exercises. You will never see a drug addict exercising. If you exercise regularly you will be rewarded with the Endorphins. This may be the saving grace for all of us. 



How Can We Win Back The American Dream in the U.S.A. in 2021 and Beyond?

There is a sense of hopelessness and lack of resources in the U.S.A. For many Americans there appears to be a huge obstruction and near impossible path to realize the ever illusive American Dream. I believe in the American dream narrative. I grew up believing in that dream. To me the meaning of American Dream is an opportunity given to anyone to become successful with hard and honest work without injustice. Coming from another country as the new immigrant parents’ oldest son, going through the lengthy process to become a Naturalized Citizen of this greatest democratic country founded upon by the People, who desperately wanted freedom from monarchy, liberty to live in a free society where the justice rules and meritocracy is rewarded . Even at young age of 14 years old I knew the stark difference between an oppressive government ruled by a dictator under which I lived all 14 years, and a free democratic country, the U.S.A., our new home.

During the last thirty years there were slowly increasing signs of erosion in American people’s trust in our country’s most visible institutions. As we slowly found out the Nixon’s Watergate details, how the Vietnam War was started with lies, Reagan’s Drugs for Arms to support insurrection of Sandinistas against Nicaraguan government, Catholic institutional lies and cover-ups of the numerous pedophilic priests, San Jose Mercury News revealing the crack cocaine epidemic in California and how it started, systemic neglect of mentally disabled people by shuttering and permanently defunding mental institutions resulting in massive influx of homeless population and rising street drug use and the list goes on and on until the most recent events leading up to electing a president who mocked our government and the constitution.

Now just the last four tumultuous years the American dream became less and less plausible and even possible. In the minds of many the hopelessness grew to its worst level than at any other time for the individuals to achieve equality, justice, equal access to quality education, appropriate payments for their labor, humane and respectful treatment from others and the idea that as long as you abide by law, work hard and save, you can get ahead to reach the middle class incomes with equal protection from the law in a stable society where you can live free. The reason for this change was not too obvious, but everywhere we were seeing the signs of the decay and destruction of the American dream. The despair and impoverished looks in homeless people and the sight of insurrectionists destroying our capitol building, rampant usage of drugs, ever widening disparity between the rich and the poor, the way the government entities treating people of color, refugees, and frequent mass killings associated with gun violence,  hateful comments against others with different ideas in social media, etc, etc. The impoverished mind and spirit showed in every fiber and aspect of our lives. The America is sick and the American dream is ever shrinking idea consumed by the cancer that is not yet fully diagnosed and worse yet, not treatable.

I think the healing of our nation and the collective idea of American dream must occur by fixing the poverty of our people. What I mean by Poverty is the impoverished state of mind of our many citizens, who had lost the vision of hope in our government, lost the sight of reaching for higher ideals and goals, of servicing others and embracing the ideals of our forefathers who constructed this idea of a country built on the foundation of freedom, justice and equal opportunity for those people who are willing to work hard. We the Americans left no one behind. We the Americans were not selfish. We the Americans embraced others in needs. We the Americans volunteered to fight till death against Tyrannical government, Communism, Religious terrorists and valued every person in need. I remember when our former president, Bill Clinton, went over to North Korea to bring back two Asian-American journalists captured by the North Korean military. That gesture was so symbolic of what this country was all about. I was moved just like everyone else by this act of humanitarianism of the best of American government and the ideals that she stood for. 

The American Dream can and must go on. There is not much hope for the humans if we let this experiment in new governance to wither away like all of the best ideas going back to the Greece and Renaissance periods. We the People should embrace the ideals that our forefathers sacrificed their lives for.

How do we fight back this cancerous hopelessness?  I believe that it all starts from us individually. We must do the act. We must get back to health. In order to fight the disease, we need to start by critically viewing the source of the problem. The source is our own skepticism, mistrust, selfishness, embracing violence, fearful of our neighbors and strangers, countless hours spent watching and believing the falsehood in social media, engaging in disposable cultures, starting from disposable plastic kitchen wares to discarding the marriage vows and other promises. Just as a starter, we should begin by picking up the trash everywhere we go, whether it is a beach, street, shopping center, our own backyards or neighborhoods. We should volunteer for our country. We should volunteer as a family unit to feed the hungry people, homeless people, build housing for them. We should join at least one or two green movements to heal our planet. We should engage in positive social interactions in our social medial. Spend less on selfish things and spend more on helping others. It all starts from within ourselves. Don’t be the bystanders as our American Dream is being drained away, like the dry sand of the time marking slowly the end of our dream falling hopelessly between our outstretched fingers hoping that someone else will hold our hands and help us when we hold our dream in our own hands.  


F. S. Lee, M.D. 
The Beneficiary of the American Dream


Seaspiracy: Netflix New Documentary Movie

FeaturedSeaspiracy: Netflix New Documentary Movie
Tunas being herded
Prediction in the film

March 31, 2021

I watched this alarming Netflix documentary yesterday. It was very well done in exposing the sickening whale killings by Japanese Fishing Industry, Commercial Fishing Industry’s major impact in decimating the sea life with overfishing around the world and discarded nets killing massive amounts of fishes and other inhabitants of the oceans much more than plastics, climate changes and straws.

The most revealing thing about this movie was the money trail that the director went to search behind the non-profit organizations set up to protect the marine life. It turns out that the NGOs are almost all supported by the Commercial Fishing Industry and are all very corrupt in pointing the blames of the marine ecosystem failure to plastics and straws and oil spills instead of pointing out the hidden truth of the devastating destruction of marine lives and our ocean by the commercial fishing industries.

The 1 hour 29 min. documentary directed by a British filmaker Ali Tabrizi is a must watch for our generation to preserve the life of our sea and ultimately the life of our human species.

Francis Sangwon Lee, M.D.


Why Doctors Need to Dress Professionally!

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Why Doctors Need to Dress Professionally!

March 31, 2021

Today at the end of March was a Doctor’s day. Each day of the year I feel really blessed to be a well-trained surgeon with a busy general surgical practice. I have put many years and countless hours learning from my patients injuries and illnesses and tried to practice how I would want to be treated with respect and dignity.

Lately I have noticed a pattern in my profession of dressing comfortably, dressing down, wearing only scrubs or shirts that are open or crew neck and often with generic gown with multiple stains, holes and dirt sometimes even blood. Doctors often walk around with tennis shoes and sandals to make rounds.

The dressing comfortably and dressing down during the working hours for surgeons and general medical doctors began about the time that I became a full attending physician in 1993. Looking back the last 27 years, each year more and more of my colleagues began to dress more comfortably and not pay attention to their attire. The dressing down syndrome began to spread slowly and became a norm when the insurance companies and HMO began to address the physicians as PROVIDERS.

This practice of dressing comfortably at work place for the doctors were not allowed in my training days. I remember my medical school surgical department chairman always had white shirt and ties when he made rounds. His name was Dr. Williams from Johns Hopkins. Later during 1988 – 1993 I had a privilege of learning from two iconic surgeons in Wichita, Kansas during my internship and surgical residency years, Dr. George Farha-Chairman and Master Surgeon and Dr. Fred Chang-Chairman of the Surgical Residency and Master Surgeon. Both of these gentlemen and skillful surgeons always wore professional attires. Only time that I saw them rounding with their scrubs were between the cases but rarely. Usually during the early morning rounds they had conservative ties and during the clinical office hours, they always wore shirt, tie, white gown with their names clearly embroidered and stethoscope in the white coat pocket.

The attitude and perception between people do change when you dress up for the important occasion of meetings and interaction. The study has shown that if you dress professionally, even in public places such as in airplane or restaurants, the staffs and servers pay more attention to you. Same with the patients in my opinion. I believe that Doctors should really respect their patients and others by dressing up during their routine rounds, office work.

It would be acceptable if you are on call or busy with surgeries and have to wear the required scrubs for surgeries and making emergency room visits and hospital rounds while wearing a white professional gowns with clean surgical scrubs underneath. However, in all other times whether you are at the office or making hospital rounds or attending one of many meetings and conferences, a physician should wear a professional attire.

I believe that we live in a modern day of comfortable living; however, the 12 years of elementary, junior high and senior high school education plus 4 years of undergraduate and 4 years of medical school and 5 years of residency post graduate doctoral training should give you a certified title of professional and along with it the Professional Look and Attitude from you and expect the same professional attitude back from your patients and colleagues.

It is a small but startlingly important first step to regain the trust and respect from the Insurance Company and the Patients. The slow erosion of the respect for the professional physicians and distrust by the public of the noble profession should stop by our professional demeanor and attitudes.

Many of us are now depressed, angry and despondent. Anhedonia is seen in many of my colleagues. Bereaved by decreasing pay, frequent denial of payments for our service, non-compliant patients, verbal threats of law-suits from misbehaving and entitled patients, overt mistrust, demands for narcotics and other unnecessary treatments, and many other instances where the administrators or business people dictate how we practice our medicine from the eyes of profit-driven system can dishearten us. The countless hours of being awakened in the middle of the night for simple but totally unnecessary calls for minor requests from the uncaring nurses, emergency room staffs and even some patients are too much at times on top of six to seven hours of computer charting and electronic medical records keeping mandated by rules and regulations set up by the hospitals and government, who do not reimburse anything for the added work.

These are hopeless times for the physicians and surgeons. We lost some of our pride and love for why we began the journey of saving lives. The noble profession has suffered great deal but the important work remains. While I am performing the surgeries and seeing the positive results in most of my patients, I feel grateful. I feel empowered and proud in most of the time. After full day of ten different types of surgeries and seeing twenty some patients and making rounds on ten in-patients and seeing four to five new emergency room consultations, the day seems too short for changing into the professional attire for the clinic. However, I must insist that we do our best to dress properly and professionally. It all starts with a white shirt and a tie and dress pants with proper leather shoes to show to others that I and we the physicians do honor our profession with professional attires.

What to do to instill dreams, aspirations, goals and ambition to our children, kids, younger generation!

FeaturedWhat to do to instill dreams, aspirations, goals and ambition to our children, kids, younger generation!

March 14, 2021

To all of you parents and grandparents and also educators and maybe concerned citizens of the U.S.A. what is the biggest huddle and obstacle of making this country better and better? Of course the answer lies in our future generations who will carry our torch of creating a more peaceful, democratic, rich, clean, healthy, friendly, advanced and strong country. In order to achieve this feat we have to educate our children to have better than average education, aspiration, morality, empathy, strength, will and ambition to carry on the work of our ancestors and ourselves. We strived for years to create a country which was empathetic toward other less developed and less free countries. We strived for the well-being of all of us in the entire world including the animals, plants, other citizens and shared ideals. Now for some reason we the parents forgot to instill the same ideals to our children. We stopped teaching and showing our kids the importance of the dream, hope and ambition to make this country the leader that it used to be. What happened?

we see the lack of our efforts in many fronts. We are obese, lazy, dirty, lacking truthfulness, money hungry, drug dependent, complacent about everything, cheating, lying, stealing, bullying, disrespectful, unfriendly, isolated and totally ignorant. We lack the history lessons of our past fathers and mothers and ancestors in our classroom and our homes. We don’t know why we used to have it so good in sixties, seventies and even eighties. Now in the early beginning of 21st century in the year of 2021, we absolutely are lacking the drive, ambition and we have not instilled the needed ambition and dreams to our children.

What happened? America? We see the telltale sign of sickness in our soul of our leaders. Look at the once great speakers and leaders in the house of Congress and White House. The brave leaders became the laughing stock of other countries with limited vision and lack of education. The America that I once loved and revered was known to have the best academic centers, universities and education system that was so respected and revered. The meritocracy which was the norm and respected gave away to Legacy Admissions and plagiarism so rampant and so outrageously displayed in the best of the academia, that the whole world is watching with wonder that America has lost its mind.

This all began with the rotting selfishness that began its ugly start at the end of the Vietnam War. When we started seeing the loss of American dream by drugging ourselves. We began to notice how the parents couldn’t wait to get our kids to be independent at the tender age of 18 and throw them out on their own, but never taught them mature and grow and be self-sufficient. Many turned to borrowing to go to school and therefore, being indebted for many many years becoming essentially indentured servants to the massive financial industry and banks. The mental fortitude and ambition become smothered once you are under the pressure of making interest payments, which are like the choking yokes around you neck making your spirit completely broken. Like the ox that are ploughing the field, once the proud bull roamed the countryside, now completely neutered and shacked to the yolk with broken spirit. How many kids nowadays look toward the alternative reality of inner matrix of game playing and role playing and completely devoid of any desire, ambition to be creative, to thrive, to live and to build? Not too many young architects, craftsman, builders, inventors come out of our youths. We are lacking serious doses of new ambition.

The solution is not to crack down on our kids in mass with incarceration, imprisonment, public bashing, belittling and punishment. No the real culprit is you reading this. The real guilty party is us the parents. Stop what you are doing now and start fresh. We need to cultivate the culture of the following: Lose the entitlement package. Stop giving them Playstations, X-boxes, iPhones, Prescription Drugs, etc. Give them jobs. Crete jobs to do. Give them a task with responsibility on every age level. Keep them under your care whether they are sixteen or thirty until they muster enough energy, skills, empathy, will, ambition and most importantly the sense of civility to you and others before you let them out on their own. Stop giving them drugs such as Fructose, Sugar, Caffein, Adderalls, Anti-depressants, and junk foods and instant stuffs, and give them a lesson of lifetime by sending them to serve the neighborhood, county, and the country. Send them to do a job that is meaningful early in life and later in their youths. Keep them in service for their church, Peacecorp, branches of military, medical missions, etc. Have you and your kids go out to the homeless shelters and start cleaning up the camp site and bathe the people, establish a public bathroom, build an outdoor shelters, put up some shower stalls, clean up the mess that we helped to create.

Let’s do this today. Give your kids a meaningful existence. Let’s make a change. Then your kids will become useful, caring, empathetic, leaders, mature followers, true Americans.

By F.S.L.

Caffeine and Sugar Addiction: What will happen and how to reverse this trend?

FeaturedCaffeine and Sugar Addiction: What will happen and how to reverse this trend?

March 17, 2021

I have seen the steady rise of the sugar consumption in the U.S.A. for the past thirty years. Starting in the mid 1970’s up until just few years ago the grocery shelves were filled with sugar laden boxes of processed foods starting with cereals, cookies, Twinkie, pies, Gatorades, Coca Cola, ice cream, frozen foods, tomato sauce, peanut butter, apple sauce, strawberry jam, breads, gums, Country Time Lemonade, Hershey’s chocolate bar, Izze, Red Bull, Sunny Delight, the list goes on and on. It is rare to find any processed, boxed foods that do not contain some form of sweetener, sugar, fructose, some form of glucose to enhance the taste. Then there is caffein in our drinks. The biggest example is coffee type of drinks. There are multitude of coffee drinks starting with Starbuck’s drinks, Frappuccino, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, Ice Tea, Thai Tea, Boba Drinks. Worst still is that all of these drinks are full of sugar on top of heavy duty caffein.

With the rampant availability of these foods and drinks containing high amount of caffein and sugar, the consumption of these foods have steadily increased in our society, and at the same time the obesity epidemic has begun. Initially it was difficult to associate the consumption of the simple sugar laden foods to the beginning of obesity. Nevertheless, it is now understood that the kids who consume much of the sugar foods and caffein tend to be much more obese. Granted that the lack of physical activity also contribute somewhat to the obesity epidemic, but the biggest culprit is the sugar in our foods. More and more the people are also addicted to the caffeinated drinks drenched in sugar. The two chemicals go well together. If you drink caffein plus sugar, both create instant short burst of energy due to simple sugar crossing the blood brain barrier giving brain instant energy and the added wakefulness, alertness of caffein provide a sense of well-being and fully charged euphoria. However, this sense of well-being is only short lived since our physiologic mechanism to balance the high sugar intake with release of insulin kicks in just after a few minutes. With the delayed response of our pancreas to the infusion of massive amount of sugar in our blood stream, there is inevitable crash of the sugar high. The episodic hypoglycemia usually described as sense of weakness, dizziness, even shaky feeling make the people who are already addicted to the sugar and caffein to crave more sugar and caffein. This vicious cycle will continue until you body had too much of sugar and the excess sugar and similar carbohydrates are stored as fatty acids accumulating in our midriff. Eventually the excess fat are stored in various parts of our body including liver, guts, under the skin, etc. This has become so prevalent that we see the resultant nationwide alert for obesity epidemic.

What happens to a country which the majority of the citizens are addicted to these two widely available chemicals. If we do not wake up from this stupor, foggy trip in the land of sugar and caffein, both highly addictive and sold unchecked, we will face a sickness related to high sugar and caffeine addiction. It had already happened. The biggest reason for diabetes is obesity which stems the sugar high diet with cyclic hypoglycemia and craving for the sugar and stimulants such as caffeine. These all go hand in hand to increase the sickness that lead to higher medical bills and loss of human capital and productivity. It is this obesity related diseases that keep the doctors awake at nights. Diabetes associated with obesity result in various deadly diseases starting with obvious heart attacks, kidney diseases, limb losses, blindness, diabetic ketoacidosis, stroke on and on. It wasn’t too long ago that our military is in trouble due to obesity epidemic. Many young people cannot serve as a fire fighter or police due to the obesity.

Good news is that public education and documentaries such as “Super Size Me” released in 2004 and “Forks over Knives” released in 2011 are slowly turning the public sentiments about the ills of our diet and habits. We are slowly educating the mass about the direct correlation of obesity to our diet. The positive news is that even the fast food franchises are embracing some form of healthy meals and reluctantly offering it as an option. I see at least some of the restaurants catering to the healthier diet choices are slowly gaining traction. The bad news is that these efforts in educating the public and changing the dietary habits are too slow and not successful enough. What are the staple diet that the most Americans eat? The popular dining choices for breakfast is still Egg McMuffin, donuts, coffee, hash brown, pancake, fried eggs, biscuits and gravy, orange juice, Starbuck’s Vanilla Latte Grande, sausages, etc. What is the most popular foods for lunch? Starting with the school lunch menu right down to the workers in the society, Pizza, Salisbury steaks smothered in gravy served with french fries, vending machine chocolate bars, Subway sandwich, fried chicken, hamburgers and fries, tacos, quesadillas, sodas, nachos, meatloaf, etc. The irradiated meat processed and warmed up for our kids in public school systems are still quite prevalent since it is the cheaper and safer option than real meat that is cooked in the cafeteria. The radical changes made in 1970’s to cut the cost down on school cafeteria meant first to reduce the cafeteria staffs, outsourcing the meals to the outside vendors who bring in mass produced junk foods to the mouths of our children regardless of the quality as long as it met the minimal requirements of standards set without the calories, fat, sugar and sodium contents.

The sugar and caffeine dependency must stop. The popular practice of substituting fat with sweetners must also stop. The idle and lazy attitudes of the parents watching and accepting whatever the school cafeteria serves as safe and acceptable foods to our children for lunch and sometimes even breakfast must stop. We the parents and the citizens must be involved in what goes in to our children and ourselves. We really should monitor what is happening. With our voice, movements and educating oneself to the reality of the grocery stores, profit oriented massive food marketing machines, popular corner stores peddling in sugar and caffein should be carefully avoided. Why drug ourselves and our kids with sugar and caffein? Let’s stop this madness and start evaluation of first our school cafeteria. Demand that our tax payer’s money goes to healthy cooked meals in school. Demand that our public schools do away with outsourcing the lunch. Bring back the responsible, caring school kitchen staffs who actually know what to cook and publish the healthy dietary cooking so that parents can have clear understanding and open transparent menu items that are served each day to our children. Let’s also do a quiet revolution against food industry that cater to obese epidemic. Let’s quickly examine the illness causing food items and avoid them. Read the food labels and understand them. Look at the calories and contents of hidden sugars and caffein. Boycott the easy, cheap but still dangerous foods. Let’s vote with our money and our knowledge. The whole foods and organic foods revolution has begun. Humane treatment of our domesticated animals have begun. Let’s join the movements of dietary enlightenment, People. The time has come.

Good Luck.


Challenges with Covid 19

Monday, April 6, 2020

Right now we are facing the biggest challenge that America has faced ever in this century. It equals the Vietnam War and Korean War. It will slowly rise up to the World War II level of challenge by the sheer numbers of casualties. American casualties was 418,000 people. If the U.S. government figure for potential fatalities of Covid 19 are true, it will be somewhere close to over 100,000 casualties. The numbers are staggering. However, the death rate is extremely high, and the fear that generated across this proud nation is crippling our soul and economy.

Now is the time to reflect and be courageous. The challenges that we are facing is as follows. We need to be kind to each other. We need to volunteer more. We need to rebuild the stocks in America. We need to get back to work to build up the essential and non essential industry and stop giving the labors to other third world countries to prop up the communism and fund the fundamentalism which will come back and bite us in the long run. Look how China and Pakistan are treating the U.S.A. They are calling us an enemy when we fed them the technology to build our iPhones, IBM and Lithium Ion batteries and gave them all of the technological knowledge. We don’t make anything close to what we use and need in time of crisis. Do not wait until the crisis gets us.

What we have been doing is to rely on the industrial hunger and poverty of Chinese people to make money but give away all of the essential labor intensive works such as textile industry, heavy metal industry, automotive parts industry, high tech industry, computer industry, printing industry, shipping industry, and food industry. Our imports from China amounts to almost everything that we use. Even the most mundane things as N95 masks are not manufactured here. Almost all of the employment in the U.S.A. are useless service sectors. Banking, fast food, delivery, hotel management, house cleaning, dog sitting, professional students, government workers, nursing home attendants, toll booth operators, Uber and Lyft drivers, Census workers, etc, etc. The majority of the workforce in the U.S.A. had deviated from the manufacturing and solid factory workers to service industry. Now we are paying the price. The experts in key industries and the skilled workers are long gone and what we have left are mostly service industry people who are used to easy 8 hours of work leaving no useful products other than lip service and computer trails. We are cyber trash collectors and over consumers. What we are and become are the shadows of the former industrial giants.

We remember fondly people like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Wrights’ Brothers as the iconic heroes but we never wanted to follow their footsteps of hard work and repeated attempts to succeed. We became complacent and generally useless. Now with Covid-19 litmus test, we are finding out that from the top dogs down to the very bottom of the society, we became useless, overweight whiners.

Our challenge are now up front of our face. We must face the music or we will die like Roman Empire and Mongols. We will face the requiem of death sooner than later. We must mobilize our young and old to start volunteering to promote industrialization, bring back the manufacturing jobs, make essential products at home. Do not give money to corporations to subsidize the other countries and get a tax break for moving their manufacturing to China, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Cambodia and Vietnam. We must stand firm and start building the national network of Electrical Bullet train system. We know now that Airline industries are fragile. Our polluting aging jet planes are and shall be grounded. The jet fuel consumption and air quality are poor. The danger imposed by poorly trained pilots and aging airplanes and lack of interest from the public to fly in a cattle cart in the air will create demise. The cruise ship industry will die. Our aging train tracks and old fossil fuel consuming train system should be abolished. We need electrified bullet train system for national mobilization. This means construction of massive scale. Almost all youths who have no real job should be trained to build the national net work of bullet train and electrical grid system with renewable energy source. We must use all of the solar power and wind energy. We should use the maximal power from the sun to power our national bullet train system and teach Canada and Mexico to use the same system and eventually connect the Central America, South America and Alaska and Canada to be on the same system so that we can travel to Argentina with one ticket.

We should learn from Japan Railroad system so that we can have private entity work closely with the government’s foresight and planning commission to create a network of flawless bullet train system with exact standard to minimize any derailment, unnecessary train collisions and cross traffic crossings and connect all major and minor cities with bullet train system. The cost will be phenomenal but the payout will be miraculous. We should start it today and not wait for tomorrow. We need to get off of the concrete hell and perpetual money sucking and money pit highway system and polluting airline system. We should embrace our challenges and renew our pride as a nation and become the international leader and stop the financial support to communist and Jihadist.



April 3, 2020

I am seeing the America as I have never seen it before. The COVID 19 Pandemic crisis is unfolding as I write this. The daily death toll is rising as never before seen in this lifetime. The fledgling federal government without a leader with some semblance of thoughtfulness and preparedness and intelligence and bare, naked ambition of trying to achieve their own ends by the politicians in Washington, D.C., the bastion of naked ambition lead me to believe that for the first time I see what it means to live in a dying empire.

The Roman Empire was killed by its own unashamed Senators of displaying the kind of unchecked, naked and selfish ambition. Look at what’s happening to the leaders of the two parties who have shown no sense of morality or patriotism. Only pure unadulterated selfish decision making based on shameless ambition to get ahead of others, selling stocks based on the inside tip as a part of National Intelligence Committee, the Senate Majority Leader sitting on 200 plus bills and only concentrating nominating judges with questionable moral and ethics. From the top down, the dying American Empire is crumbling.

This country was the last bastion of morality and ethics. Actually when such as evil communism philosophy was rearing its head cloaked in nationalism, only the American moral idealism prevailed to curtail the tens of millions of world wide massacres. American idealism based on true beliefs in sanity of human lives and democracy triumphed over the naked ambition of Hitler and his cronies. The international crisis were prevented over and over again with the well-prepared, coordinated efforts led by intelligent U.S. government and its leadership time and time again with effective confrontations of evil in fight against North Korean communism during 1950 to 1953 Korean War, saving millions of South Korean lives.

Now with the virus that knows no boundaries or borders, the pure evil naked ambition displayed wantonly by our leaders are paying its heaviest toll on American lives. Ultimately the Republic based on morality and ethics must look at the face of the enemy squarely and accept the challenges that lie ahead. We must be intelligent and honest. The naked and blind ambition is our enemy No. 1. We need to start a renewed call for patriotism and destroy the selfish ambition shown daily. When the ambition in its purest form is all good and is a wonderful fuel to individual’s rise from poverty, ignorance and mechanism to better oneself turn into a fuel for evil selfishness and used in its mercilessly unchecked fashion now seen in our country, we must chop it off at its roots like Medussa’s demise. The selfish ambition, the naked ambition displayed by many should be a warning to use all that the end of Empire and beginning of third world in every way should be reversed by the band of patriotic leaders. We must educate ourselves and work in transparent democracy to vote, write and read into the future where the leaders that we choose are truly philosophers, intelligent leaders who can take the blame and work them out.

We need to remind ourselves to read the history, put our youths to serve others, teach them to read and think and ponder, participate and value the true core beliefs in ethics and morality. We cannot teach, we must act and behave. We need to say that ambition should be checked, and rechecked so that the fuel for success is used for good and not evil. Cut the heads of Medussa and navigate this big ship away from the disaster. We cannot sink this great nation. We must bring hope. Only way that we can avert the Titanic ending of this great nation is by each of us carrying onward the mission of selfless act, moral and ethical way dealing with our own ambition to get ahead. We must unite to rebuild this country from the ground up. We must shift our ambition away from hoarding money and power to benevolent giving. Giving ourselves to the ideals of this Republic. The Government must be for the people not for the few politicians. Do not sell this last bastion of democracy to the few money grabbers. Vote them out early November. We must charter the course upright and do the right thing before this ship sinks further in the icy future of no return.

Future World Imagined Series by MyBelief 2017

FeaturedFuture World Imagined Series by MyBelief 2017

The World of Future Imagined and Hopefully Will Be One Day: Medicine

3/10 Medicine

The future of medicine and how the patients are treated will be very different than what is normal. Now in 2019 when you need to see a doctor, you have to call and make an appointment. If you are well-insured and have a family physician that you already know and have been seeing the doctor in the past, you will get an appointment and will be seen. Depending on where you live, your access to the medical help for non-urgent matters will be addressed pretty quickly. However, if you are not well-insured, having to pay cash, and do not have a regular physician, it becomes a little more complicated. Usually for those people who are not familiar with the medical delivery system in the U.S., and never had to face the routine check-up or had to see a doctor for any reason, the new problem that comes up can be difficult to treat. There are many doctors in big cities and the available physicians are plentiful. However, once you start calling for the doctor’s office, it can be frustrating. The appointment on the same day is hard to fathom, and the new patient’s forms and insurance information that you have to give out as well as the expensive co-pay, deductibles are all quite scary to think about. Once you go to see a new doctor and afterwards you will have to get some tests done, it is also a hassle to go see another type of medical facility, usually a laboratory for a blood draw unless your family doctors have a station to draw the blood, x-rays, CT scan, MRI, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy. Each of these items that you need, you have to make an appointment or wait after you walk in. The time that takes you to get all of the tests done, go back to the doctor’s office in a few days or weeks and finally get a diagnosis, it could take weeks. Finally you go to the local pharmacy, sometimes they are out of the medications that the Doctor has prescribed to you, many times the copay and deductibles for the price of several medications can be also prohibitively high.

In the future the medicine will be almost always via Internet. You will not have to travel outside of your house to get a personal physician to answer your call. You will not have one particular assigned physician. You will get any and all specialists and internists and family physicians that are available to take your Skype or FaceTime and make a preliminary diagnosis by asking you a comprehensive questions pertaining to your history. After the working diagnosis is established, the vital signs and ultrasound exams will be performed by your phone. The phone will have an accessory item that you can put your finger in it and within a second or so it will transmit the following information to your physician who is looking at you while you are performing a simple task for the initial set of diagnostic information gathering. The finger inserted into a small port will be connected to your phone will immediately report to a doctor the heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, hemoglobin level, blood glucose, hemoglobin A1C-which tells the doctor your history of blood sugar level for the past two to three months, all of the electrolytes, chemical analysis of all of your vital organs, oxygen levels of the tissue, cancer markers, immune markers and genetic markers will be quickly downloaded to the doctor’s computers and the Artificial Intelligence in the Doctor’s computer can compile a comprehensive data of the patient and give him the potential diagnosis. The Doctor can then quickly make a decision of which diagnosis will be the most fitting and prescribe the medication or treatment for the patient and will send the orders in to the nearest pharmacy on your behalf.

Then the pharmacist will quickly get the necessary medications filled out and with the universal patient’s portal, the pharmacist can charge your account the amount of money necessary to bring the medications to you via the quickest delivery methods using a Drone delivery services that will bring it to your doorstep and your automatic door with Artificial Intelligence and house robot will take the delivery of the medications and bring them to you within one hour of seeing your doctor via Skype or FaceTime.

Most of the illness such as Bronchitis, Common Cold, flu, Pneumonia, Congestive Heart Failure, Hypertension, Urinary Tract Infection, Diabetes Mellitus, Gastroenteritis, Constipation, Irregular Heart Rhythm, Prostate Hyperplasia, Skin Infection, etc will all be treated at home with targeted oral or subcutaneous antibiotic delivery system and the massive waiting time, transportation time, going to three different places to get a simple X-rays will be completely an ancient way of doing things.

Only physicians that you will have to see are the specialists in different surgical sub specialties for any surgical procedures that are beyond the scope of treatments of the Family Practice physicians and internists and pediatricians and Gynecologists. These specialist surgeons and sub specialists will be all in a big multi-specialty buildings and university health care centers and will have a large areas for same day surgery and short term hospitalizations and long term rehab centers. Depending on your level of insurance and ability to pay, you will have a private suites with executive services for your various illnesses.

Most of all the inconveniences will be minimized in the future medicine. Everyone will own a pocket ultrasound, oxygen saturation monitoring device, ambulatory EKG, basic and advanced blood drop testing and genetic as well as immunological survey will be done within your own home.

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Friday, Dec. 13, 2019,8 :16 p.m.


Letter to Mayor Pete Buttigieg: The Fifth Installment

Hello, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Anthony Mercurio at

I am a concerned citizen and have many issues that I would like to see our future president to address and give solutions.
1. Presidential Debate: In order to make a good stride in the fast moving, insult laden and hostile environment during the Presidential Debate, you should use the following  tactics to beat Donald Trump. If he survives the impeachment trial and stays in the race for 2020 presidential election, you should use all of the Promises that Donald Trump made during the campaign of 2016 and promptly forgot. The American public specially his core supporters who were swindled at the time did not forget. I will outline the most obvious eight items here and please, use them as the guide and tool to beat him in every debate.
a. Balance the Budget:  Trump promised that during his four to eight years of presidency, he will start paying down the National Debt. President Obama was already paying down the National Debt and when Donald Trump was campaigning, he was very much confident that the economy will be so great that he can start paying down the entire National Debt that once was close to $1 trillion, and now his debt has climbed to more than 68% of what he started out. President Obama had yearly reduction of the National Debt which was inherited from the failed George W. Bush’s fiscal policy and warmongering, and President Obama kept paying down to the point that it was half of what he started out and Donald Trump simply doubled it to Trillion Dollars.
b. Build the Border Wall and Mexicans will pay for it:  Donald Trump has not kept his promise and instead of having Mexicans pay for it, us the American Tax Payers are having to pay for the Border Wall using our defense budget and higher taxes of the middle class.
c. Coal and Steel Industry will be back:  The Coal and Steel industries are much worse off than before due to Donald Trump’s failed policies of National Protectionism and ill conceived trade war with almost every nation and causing great consternation and slowing down on international trades. 
d. Drain the Swamps:  Donald Trump is the swamp and his Republican congress are the epic example of self-serving Swamp. The do-nothing Republican senators and hostile Republican Congress Members of his party who are creating a roadblock to the future well-being of this country by delaying the much needed new laws to expand our transportation, infrastructures, moving toward solar energy, protecting our national parks, stopping the runaway tax cuts for rich and cutting the health care for the needy, uncontrolled military spending, irresponsible deficit spending and loss of our national pride in the international treaties and leaving our allies in the dirt.
e. I won’t have time to Play Golf: Donald Trump stated that there will be so much work, he won’t have time to play golf. His entire presidency is filled with useless Tweets and Playing golf and in between these two activities, he was creating policies that did not make sense both domestically and foreign. His inconsistency and lack of educated doctrines confused our Allies and strengthened our enemies.
f. I will fix the North Korean Nuclear Ambition:  With Donald Trump meeting Kim, Jung Eun and essentially endorsing him as the de facto leader of the Rogue State of North Korea which kills and starves her own people, now we have acknowledged that the North Korea indeed is a nation of weapons of mass destruction and we are too afraid to do anything about it. 
g. I will make America Great: Under Donald Trump’s policy which is similar to No Policy, we became the undependable country with all of Allies in NATO and the Syrian Freedom Fighters of Kurds who are left behind by Donald Trump’s snap decision to pull out all of our troops from Syria and left the Kurds to be demolished by Autocratic Dictator of Turkey and leaving the ISIS prisoners under the Turkey’s government who is going to release all of them. This caused great harm to our standing with our allies in the war on Terrorism and will make our country vulnerable to many future terrorist attacks. 
h. Total Healthcare Reform: Donald Trump said that he will replace the Affordable Care Act of President Obama and make one single national payer that can cover the entire Americans with cheaper and better rates with more coverage than the employer provided private health insurance. He really had no idea how complex the health insurance for America is. We have the best people working in the health care industry. We have the best doctors and nurses and very much dynamic but expensive medical care systems; however, it functions well. Compared to any of the Western World and other advanced Asian countries, our health care excels in innovations such as Robotic Surgery, Gene therapy, Targeted immunotherapy, Cancer Surgery, Trauma Care and keeping the very sick alive with Dialysis machines, Ventilators and latest technological advancements in the fields of Cancer Treatment, Orthopedic Surgeries and Stem Cell Research and application of Amniotic Cell Membranes for wound care. There are no other countries with a single payer system that can respond to a trauma situation like the USA. There are no other countries who will take care of unfunded patients like USA. There are no other countries with compassionate care for our sick and elders like the USA. Many of the countries that have high taxes for healthcare and single payer systems that are advertised as superior to ours are lying. The level of innovation is nearly zero, the smart people do not go into the field of medicine, their research and new inventions of medicine is nearly zero and the patients suffer in general. The bloated bureaucratic single payer national health care systems of Canada and Great Britain leave many patients waiting for simple surgeries for months until they die or give up. Our patient population who are used to immediate surgery and immediate emergency responders will never be satisfied with convoluted medical systems of inefficient and bureaucracy of the other countries. We Americans will never stand for 60% taxation to get mediocre healthcare doled out by pencil pushers of the Medicare or Medical.
If you use the visual aids such as a slide that shows all of the broken promises and at least the 8 slides that illustrates the broken promises and the resultant loss of America’s standing in the world today, you will garner so much support. You should really use the clear cut message to undo all of the damages that have been done by Donald Trump and his crooked cronies. 
2. Foreign Policy: As the President you must be fully aware that our enemies are Dictators, Autocrats, Anti-Democracy, Anti-Climate Changes, Polluters, Criminals and those who are self-serving and bad players for the future of this world. You must be fully engaged in formulating clear Foreign policy and has to have your own doctrine. We must be the Leader of the free world who will champion the policy of Honesty, Human Rights, Justice, Anti-corruption, Anti-Nuclear Proliferation, Anti-Drug, Anti-Militarization, Anti-Communism, Anti-Dictatorship.
When you look at Donald Trump’s policy and his history, it is for corruption, Russia, North Korea, Turkey and Putin. His legacy has been always self-serving. He was always helped by Saudi Arabia and Russians who invested huge amount of money to Donald Trump Towers in the countries and cities in the most corrupt, dictatorship and autocratic ruled countries. Donald Trump makes the policies that are furthering the instability of the world and pushing us more and more to divisiveness of our European allies. He encourages European Union to crack and divide and make our NATO weak by criticizing their roles. He emphasizes that American troops in S. Korea and Japan need to be paid so that we are there as Mercenaries and not the peace keeping troops to help the Allies. 
For over many years S. Korea and Japan have helped to foster Democracies and created billion dollars of wealth for America by building cheaper products for American public. They paid huge amount of money to keep the American soldiers in their land and keep the Democratic governments intact and spared any dangerous spreads of communism in the rest of the Asia. The containment policy for spread of communism and dictatorship should be invaluable for America and its allies. The amount of money that S. Korea and Japan spend on old and used and obsolete American Military equipments are unappreciated by Donald Trump and he only vilifies his best Allies. He praises our enemies and alienates our friends. His policies are so irrational and erratic that our future cannot be safe.  
I hope that you will develop Pro-Democracy, Pro-Environment policies that make sense to Americans. Do not radicalize your statements. Be the true leader of the Free World and make the statements that once you become the President of the U.S.A. you will keep the American, Democratically elected leaders of the world and Human Rights Advocates safe from harm and open our doors to the friends in need and make this country the True America that once was.
I hope this letter finds you well and focused in making our country strong and sensible once again. Let’s move this big ship back to its normal course to avoid a Huge Iceberg Disaster. We are definitely in the collision course with our country being the only one in the world going against the Paris Climate Accord and pulling out of Iranian Nuclear Treaty. Let’s set our course straight so that we will not be the next Titanic or Rome. 
Thank you for reading my series of blogs to right this country’s path again. From a concerned citizen of America. 

Letter to Mayor Pete Buttigieg: The Fourth Installment

Hello, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Anthony Mercurio at

I am a concerned citizen and have many issues that I would like to see our future president address and give solutions to these issues.
(This is the fourth installment letter following the first one sent on Monday, Oct. 14, 2019.)
1. Military Spending:  The level of money that we are spending on the military is astronomical. It was predicted by the late great President Eisenhower at the end of his presidency that the Military Industrial Complex must be watched carefully. In the fiscal year of 2015 alone,  the U.S. Government spent 598 Billion dollars on procuring the military equipments from the top twenty military industrial complexes. Over half of the discretionary budget is spent on the military in the U.S.A. There are no other country which spends more money per capita for the military than the U.S.A. If we spend just 10% of this money for building a future transportation system, the U.S. will have the fastest, safest and the most useful bullet train system in the world.  If we saved 20% of the military budget and spent it on our schools, we will have the best school system in the world. Right now the U.S.A. lags behind in every measurement of our secondary scholastic achievements and the numbers of graduates students going into science, technology, aerospace engineering, health care, mathematics and physics compare to the next ten developed countries. We are not even top ten in the world. How long will it take before we become a third world country? It will take less than ten years before China, Russia, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Iran will take over us as the top country. The objective data on how we are doing with our health care system measured by some important parameters such as infant mortality rates, preventive health care, public education on the prevention of diseases are all lagging way behind even the poorest third world country. It is a shameful statistics that the President must fix. What about the uncontrolled homeless populations in our top twenty cities.  Right now we need to rein in the uncontrolled spending of the Military Industrial Complex and shift our investments for our poor Educational Systems, Public Transportations, Health Care Industry and reducing the homeless population to zero. 
2. Rebuilding of America:  We are the only country in the world who lets our cities deteriorate to the point that no-one feels safe in living in certain parts of the city. The gangs run without a fear of the Police, and the Police is fearful of the powerful gangs. We are the only nation that doesn’t fully take the Federal Government and the elected officials accountable for the safety of our citizens. If one city, such as Chicago had over one hundred gun related violent homocide, the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Marshals should declare a state of emergency and take over the dysfunctional city and put a strict law and regulations and curfew and stop the violence and find all of the perpetrators and put them in prison. We must respect the individual freedom and liberty until to the point where that individual becomes a harm to him or her and anyone else. If the City cannot handle the crime, the Federal Government must come in and take over. The local and state police must be empowered to take back the streets of crimes and must keep the law abiding citizens safe. The sole role of the government is to keep its citizens safe from each other and from the outside forces. As our next President, you must combat the inner-city’s violence, poverty, gangs, deterioration, homelessness, rampant drug abuse and safety for its citizens. Instead of war on drugs, you must declare war on crime of the inner city, and bring back our proud cities from the brink of disasters.
3. Guns and Violence:  It is only natural to fear NRA and the voting bloc of gun owners that the NRA controls. It is also natural as the sitting president to fear that the voter mobilization and gun toting citizens’ potential power to take away your election. However, the majority of the citizens are for the following sensible gun ownership. Gun owners must be treated as car owners. As it is legal to own a car and drive it, it is also an obligation and a privilege to own and operate the car. It is mandatory that if you want to own a gun, you must have a strict mental health check, background check, criminal check, and fire arm safety course certificate and must pass a written and oral exam about the gun safety. As it is customary in automobile ownership, a citizen cannot own a street illegal cars. Same rules should be applied to a citizen. No one should own a gun that is designed to kill humans. The weapons designed solely to inflict massive damage to the human beings must be banned from ownership. It 
should be illegal to own more than a few guns and shotguns and rifles and each firearm must meet the safety standards and must be kept in a safe places where a child cannot get into and the gun owners must pay extra tax for ownership and the extra tax money should go to the department of gun control so that they can track all of the guns and its owners such as the car ownership in America. So that each time a particular gun is used in a crime, it can be traced back to its owner. All gun owners must have a finger print and DNA database so that any gun can be traced back to its owner.
4. Climate Change:  It is scientifically proven that man made climate change has profound impact and we as the leader of the democratic nations, must change our course of action quickly to avert the global catastrophe. I am well aware of the fact that the people who are not directly affected by the current climate change will be totally against any belt tightening laws and the following rules. I for one would not like tfro see the damaging and unenforceable carbon taxation systems that may cripple the developed nations’ industry; however, the 200 plus nations must agree in a common goal of cutting down on the production of runaway pollution and carbon emissions by engaging in the following activities: every activity of humans which can cut down on the unnecessary production of the carbon dioxide footprints should be curtailed immediately. These are using anything that is made of fossil fuels such as plastic bags, straws, bottles should be banned immediately. We can certainly do away from the most prevalent plastic bags and instead start using the reusable and organic bags. We can easily do away with the plastic straws. The bottles should be made up of the organic plant based materials and not from the petroleum. We should stop subsidizing the petroleum industry and instead help the electric transportation by subsidies that makes sense for the future. We must stop the thirst for the black crude and its insane products. We as the informed consumers must be informed of the fossils fuel consumption and its negative consequences to our climate. Finally we must change all of our electrical production from the fossil fuel burning plants to solar system. Once the initial high investment phase of solar panels and infrastructure are passed, the near infinite free payments from the sun to generate pure and clean electricity must only make sense to anyone with any business sense. I for one am impressed by the huge leap of technological advancements in the African continent’s usage of the solar farms to meet their increasing demands for the electricity. 
Thank you for reading my humble opinion.
I would like to share my beliefs for the better solutions for our future.

TheWay To Become Financially Independent!

In the U.S.A. it is getting harder to become financially independent. The biggest obstacles for the regular folks to become financially well-off in the 21st Century is no longer the combination of working hard, living within the means and be frugal with the savings. The reason is that in order to save enough money to become financially secure, you have to have an excellent education, successful businesses or win a lottery. In order to get the most decent education, you have to incur educational debts or have some financial backing for the education cost from the parents. It is becoming harder and harder to secure good paying job with just a diploma from high school or even community college. Basically most of the folks who cannot afford to go to a university or get a successful business started.

However, there is a solution to this problem. For the hard working people in the U.S.A., in order to become financially independent, you must have the following four elements.

  1.  You must have aspiration, drive and ambition and clear goals for how much you want to save according to your dream. If you want a house, two cars, two children and the financial means to keep them, you have to have a realistic dollar figure. Once you have that then, you must keep the financial diary and the end date to save the necessary money to achieve one after the other. So simply put, a tangible goal to reach the dream.
  2. You must stay in school and finish the highest educational objectives. This is a must. You must have some sort of license to be employed or establish a business which is essential for the society that you live in. This could be one of the three established professionals such as business management, licensed professions or licensed tradesman.
  3. You must have a stable homelife. This means you must dedicate to find a partner and be loyal and trustworthy. The couple who is married and dedicated are more likely to succeed in financial game than a loner who tries on their own. Divorce is one way to cut your financial asset to less than half. Be aware to find the right person with the right goal.
  4. Finally you must have the two investments. One in the long term savings with some allocated in stocks and bonds and mutual funds and the other one in a real estate. Do not consider your home as an investment. Your house that you live in will be the biggest single source of expense. Therefore, before you commit to buying a house, you must invest in a real estate such as two to four apartments and live in one and rent the rest out to pay for your existing mortgage.

If you maintain the previous four items and stay healthy, you will most likely succeed in life in the U.S.A. Nowhere else in the world can you make that claim. Still this country abodes the best promise for your financial success since our system is democratic and capitalist with stable education system.


Medicine for the Future

Multiple Medicines

Our medical system in the U.S.A. has been envy of the rest of the world for many years. The inventions and innovations for surgeries, pharmaceuticals, improved hospital systems, medical educational institutes, training of doctors and nurses, creating efficient emergency medical system, probably the best trauma system in the world and most notably the most well trained physicians by the modern medical and surgical residency systems that every other country tries to imitate.

However, there is one glaring element that has been overlooked for many years. That is the “Customer Care.”

America is probably the most innovative nation on earth. We invented more things that changes lives than any other countries. Just look at the Electric Light Bulb, Modern Medicine, Airplanes, Movies, Phonograph, Skyscraper, Liquid Fuel Rocket, Sunglasses, Computer, Nylon, Automatic Transmission for Automobiles, Microwave, Laser, LED Lighting, Shopping Malls, Laser Printers, Fiber Optic Cable, Internet, E-mails, GPS Navigation System, IBM’s Watson, Artificial Intelligence, iPhones, and FaceTime. 

With all of the innovations and inventions came the surprising advancement in marketing and selling. The urban cities have seen the invention of supermarkets, downtown shopping malls come and go. One thing that was important for these service sectors to survive is to cater to the customers’ needs and their wants. The customers want faster and convenient service with kind human touch. Just look at the most successful shops that are still with us today. The Nordstrom, 7-11, QuickLube, McDonad’s, Costco, etc. These are where people want to go shop and enjoy the consistent, uniform services with excellent customer care and consistent human touch with reasonable prices.

In modern medicine we have come far with inventions that changed the world with its innovation and its applicability in extending human lives. The CNN top ten lists are Human Genome Project, Stem Cell Research, Atripla-Triple HIV Treatment Tablet, Targeted Molecular Treatment for Cancer Cells, Minimally Invasive Surgeries, Smoke-free laws, HPV Vaccine Gardasil, Transplants Technology, Birth Control, Bionic limbs.

However, the one overlooked area of medicine is the customer care. It starts with the experience of the each and every patient at the doctor’s office. The doctor’s office must be able to achieve the following convenience factor. It must offer the immediate pain free laboratory exams including the basic complete blood tests, urine tests, pregnancy test and chest and extremity x-rays and basic ultrasound. These tests must be available for immediate viewing and uploading to the patient’s digital devices and must have immediate and preliminary interpretation by the machine that performs this test. The overall test results should be discussed with the same physician at the end of the initial visit. The doctor must not be liable for missed diagnosis because there are professional pathologist, hematologist, radiologist and other specialists that are trained to read the x-rays, lab results and histopathologic slides to determine if and when these things are relevant. However, during the initial consultation the preliminary readings of the x-rays and laboratory results must be available for viewing by the patient and the physician based on the algorithm  so that the physician is not under pressure to make the exact and absolutely final diagnosis. However, further detailed analysis will be done by the experts upon request by the patient for more expensive charges for the later date.

Finally the patient must have the medications individually packaged for the duration of the treatments ready by the time the initial consultation and treatment plans are agreed by the patient and the physician. The pharmacist must be available during the same time that the doctor’s office operates whether it is from 8 o’clock until the closing of the office usually 5 or 6 p.m. The medications must be in an individual transparent biodegradable packet with one sheet of explanations of which tablet does which treatment and the side effects in a simple to read and understand language and the packet should have printed on it at what time to take these pills.

The customer must know exactly how much these services cost and they must be able to pay with their insurance plans with reasonable and consistent co-pays. The co-pays cannot be different for each and every practitioner. It must be uniform whether it is for a family doctor or internal medicine doctor or OB/GYN or pediatrician. Once these common illnesses are found and treated, then the more advanced treatment plan can be formulated and referred to a bigger clinic and hospital based system. If the patient needs a surgeon or oncologist or neurologist, the patient must be referred to them immediately and the appointment system must be made from doctor’s office to doctor’s referral specialist office bypassing any need for the customer’s to get involved.

These must be done so that American medicine reflect upon the convenience and customer care that we are so proud in implementing in almost every other aspect of the society where the competition for public’s money demands and dictates the surviving service sectors. The health care system must learn from the likes of Nordstrom.